A box of crayons

Official banner for my galleries on various forums
Official banner for my galleries on various forums

For starters, I am a self-taught graphic designer. The software I use is Photoshop CS4 and I have around five years of experience. I was often asked to create banners, posters and forum signatures and a mundane number of graphic for other projects. I am one of those “redesigners” who take stock graphics elsewhere and re-brew them into derivative works. I have done vectoring and original drawing although without much success, especially drawing since I worked with MS Paint and a mouse.

As wordpress has a storage limit, and I need to use it sparingly, I’ll update my past artworks to this drive instead:


It will not be all, I have lost a lot of files in the migration so these are mere samples I salvaged from other online galleries. Now that I have also lost the stock library which took me three years to build up, my graphic design ability is quite limited. Plus, these days, the tight schedule from other activities does not allow me to spend hours designing a new piece (unless “designing a new piece” is part of the schedule).

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