Chorizone’s poetic verses and opening scenes #1

First greetings
First greetings
Slice of Life ~ Romance ~ Drama ~ School Life

Somewhere behind the after school drama.
Somewhere among the ordinary moments, a magical memory lies.

In the daily struggle to survive the academia
In the midnight rush to meet the deadline
In the gentle giggles behind a lecturer’s shoulder
And in the mischievous silence as he turns round.

Perhaps, the delicate balance of knowledge, friendship and experience
Has helped set the tune for a remarkable melody that is
–a student’s life

The Story
This roleplays is set in an ordinary university situated in a suburban area of a bustling metropolis. The details of the school is irrelevant, at least to our characters. They’re sophomores of various majors in the same general curriculum classes. Each has a unique story to tell, each walks a different path into life.What ties these students together, other than being classmates, is their well-known-but-ironically-unsuccessful-one-and-a-half-year-old music band run by the name ‘Da Capo’. They have guitars, organs, drums, vocal and all but they lack support from the Student Council.

Funding is low, free time is limited and their gathering place alternates between a high-class café named “The Boyz”, on rare occasions and, a cheap family restaurant named “Yellow Catfish”, on a regular basis.

Then, the opportunity arises as the radio club comes in with an offer the band could not refuse. They’re to make music together, that is, if they can manage their budget, their social life and their study. As the end of spring break just a few days away and final exam season is drawing closer, it will only get tougher than tougher each passing day.

Will they sing through the end or give in to the pressure? Step into their shoes, relive the moments, immerse in the serenity and continue the story yourselves.

Chorizone is a forum-text-based roleplaying game hosted briefly on Mangafox in late 2013. It was the last roleplay I created and it was also the most poetic. Each roleplay sequence is marked by an opening scene accompanied by a banner art design and poetic verses.

This post contains the first introduction scene intended for archival purposes.

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