Chorizone’s poetic verses and opening scenes #2

The first flag
Funding from the Student Council

That one frosty day of February
The last petals of spring, the first streaks into summer
Just a simple gathering of friends, just another Sunday morning

Round the next corner, a bright melody fills the sky
All is happening outside the university’s door…

School would resume the day after and it was the last day of freedom for our young friends. Since the university attracts a number of international students, the peaceful suburban town was still brimming with life even during holidays. Breakfast followed the usual routine: a gather up at the Yellow Catfish, of both the Da Capo and the radio club.

The restaurant’s central location makes it popular among students, especially those who have only a shallow pocket of allowance. And speaking of money, before our friends could dream of a lyrical semester, funding is the first hurdle they would have to overcome. The Da Capo’s girls had a reason to be in the worry as they brought up their issue to the gentlemen of the radio club whose concerns were purely out of boredom.

On a safer note, engineers aren’t exactly the richest people in the world. More or less, they had been on the same boat ever since the first music broadcast. A daily exchange, ordinary, peaceful and memorable. Begins…


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