Chorizone’s poetic verses and opening scenes #3

Chorizone's opening scene header 3
The second flag
Searching for a part-time

That one warm evening of February
The orange rays of dusk, the blue crackles of fire
Another crowd of strangers, another song with no beats

Upon that dust-covered wall, a guitar sleeps lonely
All is happening in a bar across town…

Following Juan’s suggestion, our group of friends traveled across town into the hustle of a metropolis. The city is ever crowded, especially in the weekends when its citizens briefly escaping the harsh grip of realities and indulging themselves in the enjoyments of a cinema or restaurant.

Across the street is George Foreman’s Bar & Grill, their destination. The plan was to regroup with everyone and find out more about the audition next week, then perhaps an end-of-spring-break party if everything went well. Together with the radio club guys who kindly offered transportation for free hugs, the Da Capo girls met up in front of the restaurant where Juan departed from his afternoon shift.

With them was Maria, the Student Council classmate who acted as their guide and guardian. Clearly, it was hard to put high hopes on the brain-without-brawl engineers and the eccentric acquaintances, siblings, paparazzi or whatever when things take a turn for the worse.

An extraordinary break from the daily routine. Begins…

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