Chorizone’s poetic verses and opening scenes #4 [End]

Chorizone's opening scene header 4
The third flag
Starting of a new semester

That one sunny day of February
The voice of lecture, exposure of art
A learning Monday, a morning in class

In the circle of friends, a quick note is passed
All is happening inside the lecture hall…

Not everyone arrived in class on time, holiday spirits still infested the mind of our friends. Parties went, school came. As this was the later half of the academic year, course work would only be more intense than anything they had seen so far. With their current giddy-giddy-happy-two-shoes manner at the time, they would feel the heat burning their free-time away in a week.

Despite the absence of several regular skippers, the classes proceeded without interruption. First period, for the majority of them, was Academic English. As the professor informed the syllabus, many outspoken students couldn’t hide their obvious excitement. They would be studying “Speeches, presentations and interview” this term, expect funny tripped up moments from the quieter population.

It was in the middle of class, the lecture was ongoing and there were snores from the back row. Many of them were surfing facebook or playing games on their laptop. As usual, a few members of the Da Capo x Radio club were missing. They didn’t take on the same major, they didn’t perform equally academic-wise and they were blessed with the blissful flexibility of higher educations and, they no longer had parents pushing them from behind.

But doesn’t freedom come with responsibilities? A reminder of their ordinary days. Begins…

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