National Novel Writing Month July Camp

NaNoWriMo July camp is on!

Just as the title read, the much anticipated NaNoWriMo Camp has begun. First round of cabin assignment arrived earlier and I’m so excited to see my new cabin mates.

Hi to the guys who followed my camper profile’s link here. Let’s get along together this July.

Last year, I was at NaNoWriMo camp July as well. But I was in a private cabin with my friend writers and if I recall correctly, there were only five of us in a spacious log home by the campfire. I don’t remember any of us made it though, sadly. Nevertheless, it was fun and I would spend 14 pages of nanomail and countless of sleepless nights discussing how witchcraft works with Tetisheri again if I had a chance.

If I had a chance.

Let’s face it, guys. Writing is a time-consuming, mind-straining and attention-hogging activity. It’s hard work for those who want to bring the bacon home with it. When you’re tired, you’re feeling down, and your friends and families are not convinced you can live on ink and pen; just remember, you are still my heroes and you are still living my dream. And for those of us who write as a hobby, who are aspired by worlds built upon words and by the charm of unbounded imagination, let the formers serve as reminders of how novel of a quest you’re committing yourselves to…

…writing novels.

Puns asides, point being, not everyone survives that long in this line of work. Only the dedicated and the lazy can survive it. Unfortunately, I’m the second type.

I’m sure you guys must have noticed by now that I’m continuing the unfinished novel—White Destiny—from last year’s camp. Yes, I’m aware of NaNoWriMo’s motto “a novel in a month” and the fact that I’m shamelessly going against it. I have brought shame upon you guys, the true NaNo winners, especially you who have to share a cabin with me this July, or the next July, or any other July for the matter.

So you see, I’m looking at five weeks of upcoming control theory and project hell, which “coincidentally” coincided with the schedule of NaNoWriMo camp this July because writing is still not my bacon


Okay, I admit, I totally saw that coming but I missed April camp so I couldn’t resist the temptation. I’ll probably end up a loser this year too, even though I’ve given myself four chapters of cheating buffer. I’m sorry beforehand for dragging down the daily word count of our cabin. That’s just an excuse though, I can usually manage only 700 words a day to begin with.

I’ll commit Sudoku now…

Anyways, I’ll be releasing White Destiny for free on this blog every two weeks or so to atone my sin. Chapter two is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to feedbacks from you guys. And of course, if you have any NaNoWriMo moment you would like to share, I’m all ears (and eyes). The comment section is open. Speaking of which, I should do one last edit session on chapter two now but I end up blogging instead.


Your lazy cabin mate,

Lorenz Raymond.

P/s: related read — Put on a Viking helmet and write!

1 thought on “NaNoWriMo July camp is on!”

  1. You are unfair) I did make it! 😛
    Either way, good luck to the both of us in continuing our novels… Or, should I say, your novels 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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