Ooyodo drawing (full color)

Ooyodo_draft to final
The hold-off

July has been a cruel mistress to me, I have a schedule so full on academic activities that I can barely take my time on the daily one-hour night stroll. I was supposed to release the third chapter of White Destiny last Sunday but the editorial work is taking longer than anticipated and I kinda want to get at least half of chapter four down before I finalize chapter three, just in case I need a bit of scenario changes in the old chapter.

If nothing else comes to my attention, I will have the story up this weekend. My revised schedule indicates another problematic week a fortnight from now. Just a head ups so don’t be surprised when chapter 4 also gets one-week delay treatment. Not to mention, Spring anime season ended last week and I need the monthly anime review up before it gets too far into the new season.

Hopefully, I can get these blog updates done by the weekends.

The drawing

This is a drawing piece I did back in April. It marked the end of a three-day drawing spree, during which I produced a total of eight art pieces—a number far exceeded what I had done in the past years combined. I would say this piece also brought colors to my drawing and the time spent on this is resembled that I would spend on an average digital graphic project.

The character in this piece is Ooyodo, the moefication of a WWII Japanese light cruiser in Kantai Collection universe. I did the sketch in Paint then vectorized and colored the piece in Photoshop. While I was at it, I received some helpful pointers from my KanColle Wiki chat friends. Thanks to EchoHolic, the hairdo actually makes senses in this one.

Kudos to you, Echo.

And that’s it, that’s my make-up drawing and the delay notice. Until next time, cheers!

3 thoughts on “Ooyodo drawing (full color)”

    1. Yeah, ‘cos…idk…
      I originally intended to do a simple sketch only, probably quick paint job in Paint. Then I was like “why don’t I go all out and give it vectorization, give it smooth coloring, make it feel like those pixiv artists?”

      And that happened after a day and a half, approximately 8 hours spent. It was satisfying when I see at the result but when I look back at the process, it’s more or less a pain to repeat.


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