To Paris, with love

“Ha’lly willy boos! Tonight is Saturday night. Who stays home on Saturday night?” — Sir Richard.

Only dead people stay home on Saturday night. But, the Parisians who go out on Friday the thirteen are also dead…

Last Friday, France underwent some of the most horrifying terrorist attacks since 9/11. Groups of extremists simultaneously raided multiple public locations in Paris and killed over 120 civilians. More than 300 civilians were hospitalized and about a third of them are still in critical conditions. And we’re talking about only 8 confirmed terrorists.

These terrorists are beating every CS:GO pro-gamer with their hax 120:8:300 KDA (Kill-Death-Assist) ratio.

I watched a few recordings of the event and interviews of the survivors on The New York Times. Terrible, everything about this is terrible. Even in wartime, Geneva convention would not allow combatants to attack unarmed civilians or surrendered prisoners. And yet, here we have a massacre in Paris, in which the gunmen slaughtered theater-goers who were groveling on the floor in cold-blood.

More reasons to book a seat next to the fire exit next time…oh wait, one of the preemptive grenades exploded near a fire exit, guess that wouldn’t end well either.

Not to mention, France has anti-firearm laws to begin with. It’s baffling how the terrorists could bring machine guns and explosives to public places. I guess now Americans will have more reasons to oppose gun ban. At least with the current gun law in U.S., someone in the crowd could go ahead and shoot back at the terrorists.

Or everyone in the crowd could draw out a pistol, point at the terrorists and shout “This is Texas!” in unison before pelting the terrorists with bullets hail.

Normally, I wouldn’t cover anything that was being covered over and over again by every news agency, every social media, every TV channel, every conversation, etc. and etc. However, I make this an exception because…guess what?


Well, ain’t that goddammit.

I guess I’m supposed to write a message to the aunt I haven’t heard from for years. It’s fine and all, until she was marked as safe from Paris Terrorist Attack on Facebook. And no, I still don’t have a Facebook account, that was my mom who asked me what the English status meant. Good then, I know she’s okay, there goes my “Are you alright?” excuse to write the message. Damn you too, Facebook.

Anyways, I know there are hundreds of families in Paris who are less fortunate than I am. My sincere condolences to those whose love ones were caught in the act of terror.

May the survivors overcome this ordeal.

May Paris return to its peaceful life.

May the evil-doers be punished for their crimes,

Bad politics and terrorism should be punished alike.

May peace come to this wretched world we call reality.

I hope the souls of the victims will find their way to Heaven, Valhalla, or wherever they’re supposed to find solace in. I also pray the souls of the terrorists will go there naked so that the crowd can tear them apart. Because if I were God, I would approve of eternal revenge.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

By the way, congrats to the French soccer team for their 2-0 victory over the German team. I know, it’s not the time to celebrate but it is the small happiness that will let us overcome great sorrows.

P/s: I wrote a short message to my aunt, it doesn’t have to be purposeful after all.

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