A new archive page for White Destiny

The novel project White Destiny has finally received its own archive page. I placed a convenient link to the page on the left sidebar, under the usual White Destiny banner. Just in case the shortcut under Links section doesn’t work for any reasons, use this one here



For the uninitiated, WordPress offers two forms of content: blog post and page. This is a blog post, it’s time-dependent and can get lost easily in the stack. A page, on the other hand, is time invariant and is structured in hierarchy, which make pages ideal for long-term content.

The drawbacks of pages are the lack of tags and categorization support. Also, updates done to pages don’t appear on WordPress reader and that means no notification to followers.

Personally, I have always wanted to share my thoughts about plot events and characters; perhaps, a comment or two to reassure people I’m still hard at work chiseling away that damn writer’s block and filling the plot holes and not dying in action. However, I didn’t want to mix chapter releases with my rambling.

Hence, moving the releases to page format is a necessary action.

Chapter 5 has been revised

Chapter 5 has been extensively revised according to a previous commentary. The final version can be found here, or from a link in the new White Destiny’s page.

The conversation between Leo and Lilia was rewritten. I got rid of the lame debate and focused on the content of the discussion instead of quickly narrating the dialogues. This way the conversation would flow more naturally and readers are free to interpret the clues however they like.

Due to the narrative technique change, I can now try to capture the uncertainty and paranoia of the original werewolf games. Simultaneity was thrown under the bus, though, for the sake of plot progression.

In case it was not obvious already, I’m a fan of Bakemonogatari and I was watching Owarimonogatari the other day when I thought: “Hey, I don’t have to switch between narratives every scene, I can tell everything in the Priestess’s narrative and later retell everything in the Witch’s narrative then expand to her story arc”.

Which is something I have considered even though it’s rather mainstream.

As a result of the debate’s removal, the chapter title was changed from “Burden of Proof” to “Golden Liquid, Red Cider”, with more focus on the cider glass. While I’d love to keep the glass’s identity a surprise, I suppose the cat is already out with the previous version. If you can’t figure out what it was, well, let’s just say it’s an important item (not the Holy Grail, mind you) and leave it as that.

Death’s appearance was moved to later chapters. The part about the party confronting the horseman won’t be happening right away. I tried a few battle scenarios and learned that the NPCs in the taverns get in the way of immersion too much. I’ll need to subtly dispose of them first. They are supposed to be massacred anyways, they and the mooks at…

Oops, spoiler!

I also set up a bit introductory conversation. All this implies chapter 6 won’t be out any time soon. Oh well, I’m sorry for being such a perfectionist.

Looking forward to Chapter 6

I’ll need to do a lot more rewriting to keep up with the changes in chapter 5. Some content may or may not make it to the final revision. For example, I have written a nursery rhyme about the Witch but it will probably be excluded from the upcoming chapter due to the change in plot progression.

It was rather cool though, so I would like to share it in this commentary instead.

“Little Meadow asks the swallow,

Left or right which path to follow?

Ask the hag, the trees bellow,

Keep the name in night Hallow

Lest the hag takes thy shadow”

Alas, our full cast is gathered in one place. Time to have them kick the plot in motion while Death crashes the party downstairs.

Sounds like a plan indeed.


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