White Destiny [Chapter 6]

The long awaited continuation of White Destiny is here.


For newcomers to the novel, you can find all the information about White Destiny here or by searching the tag “White Destiny”.


Chapter 5 was released in late August, revised in November. Chapter 6  has just been released now, in late December. That’s a four month wait between each chapter release. My rate of writing is truly glacial…

I wrote 2,911 words in chapter 6. However, when I look at the trash bin, I have written 2,936 words worth of content for that same chapter. Those 2,936 words will probably never see the light of day ever. They range from alternative dialogues, scenarios and choices the characters could have made.

For example, when the Baron decided to confront the Witch and asked to confirm her identity, he had a scenario where he said outright that he had reasons to believe that she was the Witch instead of the subtle hint we had in the final revision.

Moreover, the Witch had the option to deny; but since she knew about the Eye of Providence in her cider, her dialogue for that particular scenario was deliberately vague. She even had a quotable line in that scenario:

“I don’t believe in prophecies. Anything that claims to tell the future is, by default, false. However, a prophecy can cause itself to come true. I warn you, when you think badly of someone; you entice her to become the sort of evil you seek”

And of course, she had the option to cooperate with Leo’s plan. I think it’s a logical yet uninteresting option for the character. I guess it’s better to warm up before the boss fight with a bit of magic battle first. With Chaotic Neutral alignment and her “impeccable logic”, picking a fight was a plausible option. This option as chosen.


Half way through the chapter, I realized that I would want the Witch out of play. It is not her story arc after all, this is still Lilia’s. I had a few options in regard to this problem as well.

I wrote a scenario for “drunken Witch”, yes, from just a glass of cider, Leo could cause her to be as drunk as a lord (nice idiom I looked up while writing the scenario) due to a combination of medical factors that affect alcohol susceptibility. Damn, lots of researches go to waste with that scenario.

On a side note, “As drunk as a skunk” is too modern for 14-16th century setting. Thanks a lot, Tetisheri. Your comment on the word “container” vs. “vessel” in chapter 4 forced me to look up all the words’ origins to see if they fit in the novel timeline.

Just trying to be as real world as possible in regard to culture here.

Alternatively, I could use the Truth Serum (Eye of Providence) to take her out. However, upon closer inspection of the character, it was almost an impossible task to have the Witch lie about something and trigger the Truth Serum’s effect.

She knew about the Truth Serum; I planned to have the reason explained in this same chapter but with all the rapid actions, I couldn’t squeeze the scene in, I guess I’ll leave the part when the Baron demanded an explanation why the Witch knew about the serum for after they’re out of combat.

Point being, she knew so she couldn’t have fell for it by accident. The only way to do it was to have her fall for it intentionally. At this point, the entire scenario was embarrassing and nonsensical. I simply couldn’t bluff up a random stupid reason why she would do that. It would be too out of her character.

What now? Well, Leo knew that the Witch knew about Truth Serum too. So why not just spike the drink with aphrodisiac? No, thanks, I’m done with writing horny scenes, I’ve done enough of that in the drunken Witch scenario, time to move on. The good ‘ol sleep potion to the rescue!


Fantastic! Everything is set up. The mob downstairs are dead. The party is split. Somebody is in for a world of pain. Time for our characters to hold their grounds till the cavalry arrives. We can expect dramas soon enough, with a healthy dose of goofiness and references to previous chapters.

If you could spot all the references, great!  You’re my hero, I thank you for spending time on my story. Hope to see you in the next chapter, in a few…months?

I pray not.

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