New book project: Sasaki

This January, I have decided to push through the novel adaptation of my oldest and bulkiest roleplaying game: Imperial Experiment. I adopted the name “Takahashi Fujihita” from Imperial Experiment so this book means a lot to me. I’m glad I finally get down to writing it. The new book is officially named “Sasaki” after the main heroine Sasaki Aiko.

In celebration of the blog’s one-year anniversary, I’ll release the first chapter as promotional material. You can find the fully formatted chapter here:

Publication and Licensing

Unfortunately, I have no plan to publish Sasaki on this blog due to foreseeable licensing issues.

The original Imperial Experiment was a crossover between games from three authors: Lightning Ray (me), Soulstone Splinter (aka Vormur) and Ananta Ein. Ein and I are close friends so I won’t have any problems getting his permission to use elements from his games in the book. Furthermore, I fully intend to invite him on board as the editor for this project.

The problem is Soulstone Splinter who has vanished without trace and I have no idea where he is now. Last time I heard, he got into a relationship with another roleplayer in real life and abandoned his online identity.

Lessons from White Destiny

In writing White Destiny, I learned a few things about storytelling and perspective modes.

For starters, Sasaki will be told in first-person perspective, from the view of Anata Ein’s character: Heihachiro Hanbei. I realize I have never fully utilized third-person limited perspective in White Destiny and it seems I’m no where experience enough to do so. Hence, I will pick the (arguably) easier mode for now. Perhaps, I’ll come back to third-person perspective at a later date.

Another thing is that, I start Sasaki with a genre in mind. Unlike White Destiny, which is all over the place and I have no idea which genres it fits in specifically other than Fantasy, the main genres for Sasaki will be Romance, Slice of Life and Drama. I believe these genres can bring out the most of first-person introspective writing.

I know it will disappoint some people who participated in the original game that I might have to skip the Action and Adventure parts in favor of the main genres. Furthermore, I plan to use only a bare minimal of Sci-fi elements. The book will remain in, for the most part, a low fantasy setting. I don’t want the Sci-fi parts to hog too much attention from good ‘ol human emotions: trust, greed, jealousy, anger, and love.

Looking forward

I’ve already finished the first two chapters of Sasaki. The writing speed for the new book is phenomenal and with the amount of materials I have from Imperial Experiment, I can make things very concise and still achieve novel-length.

The other day, I found a nice text-to-speech app called “Kyrathasoft Text To Speech” to replace the broken NaturalReader app. Using the new app, I can perform text flow editing technique I was forced to abandon from chapter 4 (White Destiny). Before the next chapter release, I plan to flow-edit chapter 4-6 and make them sound as great in audio format as the first three chapters.

For the time being, I’m considering rewriting White Destiny in first-person perspective. It sounds like a pain in the ass to change the game plan now that the story is at chapter 6. It is a pain in the ass but the benefits of a complete revision might outweigh the cost. I’m still considering my options though.

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