Assassin Game hosting: Valentine special


Secret lovers, hidden killers

Ever heard of the game Secret Santa? It’s a game in which participants pool their Christmas presents together at a party. Then at the end of the party, each of them randomly takes one present from the pool. It’s curious and it’s fun. You’ll never know who’ll get your present and you all never know whose present you’ll end up with.

This Valentine, the popular Al Coda band and the Broadcasting Club are hosting a campus-wide Secret lover campaign. Yes, it’s a Blind date. Literally blind, in the sense that no one will know who he or she will end up with. No rigging the draw, we can guarantee you that. And if you’re lucky, you get to date one of Al Coda’s lovely idols. Or the handsome gentlemen of our club, or me *giggle*.

Finally, an announcement from the Student Council about a poisoning accident involving homemade chocolates in the Cooking Club‘s kitchen. Eh, that sounds dangerous. Anyhow, they’re offering a how-to-crash-course-on-chocolatier next Friday. I mean the Cooking Club are offering…not the StuCo…Ehm! Time’s up! See you in the afternoon broadcast. Thanks for tuning in!

Game start & hosting information

I’ll be hosting an assassin game (better known elsewhere as “Werewolf” or “Mafia” party game) at EGScans forum on Valentine. It will be the eighth assassin game I’ve ever hosted and the fifth original game I’ve designed.

The game, named “Chocolate of Vile”, is now open for registration. New players are welcome to visit EGScans assassin games forum or read the Assassin Game basics section in the sign up thread here for more information.

Game will start on Sunday, February 14, 2016. No prior experiences required.

The game’s setting is an adaptation of the original roleplay Chorizone! Hopefully, this game will pave the way for further ventures into Slice-of-life, Romance and Psychology genres as well as provide the much needed experience for my second book: Sasaki.

P/s: Long time no GFX, my Photoshop skill is getting rusty.

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