A guide to Fujihita

Fourteen months ago, I boycotted facebook and created this WordPress blog. At the time, I intended for the blog to be a replacement of my facebook account; a social portal using which anyone can get to know who I am and anyone can easily reach me if they want to. Much like my old facebook timeline, I wanted to feature works in three of my most prominent hobbies: Art, Programming and Writing.

Hence, the tagline of this blog is “Design, Encode, Write”.


Recently, I’ve taken steps to improve the interface. First, while the title size stays the same, the text size is made smaller. To compensate for the text size, I pick a new Sanserif font that emphasizes readability. This change allows me to pack more words in a blog post without making the post longer. It looks nicer as well.

To the left I have the navigation bar. Categories and Archives widgets are still there but I have changed the style to drop-down menu so that they can compactly feature increasingly many more months. I don’t expect the categories to grow from the list I’m currently having but just in case…

List of 7 categories this blog currently uses:

  1. Archive: a storage of my old works, many of which predated this blog.
  2. Design: graphic artworks and drawings.
  3. Entertainment: games, music, movie and anime. Anything I’m interested in but not of my own work.
  4. Journal: stories of my life.
  5. Programming: HTML/CSS + JS web design, .NET app design, Excel macro, C embedded, Arduino. The gritty nitty coding bits go here.
  6. Rambling: random philosophical rants. Sometimes, I need to vent my frustration and lost faith in humanity and this is where those posts go.
  7. Writing: novel projects, short stories, poems, anything text-based.

Next, I’m showing all the followers of this blog under the Follow button. Glad to have you guys with me. I hope this small change could improve the visibility of your sites and promote interactions between readers.

Last but not least, the Link widget features banners containing links to my work archives. Currently, there are only a link to my onedrive Gallery and a link to White Destiny page.


Despite the original intention, I have learned over time that WordPress dwellers love Writing more than the other two aspects of this blog. Actually, I think people also like Art but gone are the days when I can invest hours after hours, days after days into graphic design. Don’t get me wrong, I still do Art sometimes and usually out of necessities but it gets dull quickly. I simply find writing more interesting for the time I’m willing to spend.

So yes, long story short, this blog is mostly about Writing now. I’m working on two novel projects at the same time. The main novel project is “White Destiny” and the secondary one is “Sasaki”. They receive updates at odd intervals but you can expect that they will be updated eventually and if I fail to update them in a few months, I will write a heads up update telling you guys what I have been up to and provide a deadline to challenge my gold fish-tier attention span.

Other recurring activities you can expect in this blog include an anime review at the end of every anime season, interesting snippets of my daily life, and perhaps some technical/engineering stuffs I need to document for future references.


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