Camp NaNoWriMo is here!

Put on your Viking helm, grab your pen and drink plenty of coffee!

NaNoWriMo camp is upon us!


As the title reads, I’ll be joining NaNoWriMo camp this April with my secondary novel project, the Romance story “Sasaki”. It’ll be the first time I’m joining a writing camp at this time of year. And I’m excited to see who will be my victim–err I mean, cabin mates this NaNoWriMo.

I’m probably not going to bother Tetisheri this camp as she’s hating me forever because I keep changing the story of White Destiny all the time (kind of make it impossible for her to write Black Existence). I see Neko is still following me from July camp. Hey Neko, if you want to spend another camp together, send me a memo.

Back to the book Sasaki I’ll be writing this April. Most of my writings have been in over-the-top Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure genres so I know I’m not terribly good at writing Romance or Slice of Life. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with Sasaki and I’ll probably be able to crank out 20,000 words if I’m lucky. I’ll just set the goal to 30,000 as always.

Here’s synopsis of the book:

“Heihachiro Hanbei received an invitation from his high school sweetheart to work for Kiyomizu Technologies: a mysterious technology company in Tokyo, Japan. Wishing to rekindle their relationship, he accepted the invitation.
But not all were going according to plan. The company and its very existence turned out to be a threat to the government. And, his best friend who works for the government wanted him to spy on Kiyomizu if he wanted to be let off their surveillance blacklist.
Between freedom and love, is there a way to achieve them both?”

It almost feels like I’m begging for Mystery genre with this kind of premise. Old habits die hard, I can see myself resisting the urge to turn Sasaki into an epic Sci-fi as its source material was this entire camp already. God! This is going to be hard. I’ll need new writing music; something serene, something not epic, and something NOT from Two Steps From Hell!


At the present time, I’m rewriting the entire encounter with the Witch in chapter 5. It’s basically a merge of the old chapter 5 and 6 with more focus on the Scholar in preparation for his story arc. I thought I skimmed through his parts too quickly in the old revision. The latest revision of chapter 5 will be ready this week.

I can’t promise chapter 6 though.

Admittedly, I have no plan whatsoever for chapter 6 at the moment. Chapter 7 is already written  and it covers the battle of Ironheart against Horseman of Death and his undead legion. I can steer the story in chapter 6 in a few directions. I can either focus on fleshing out the Illuminati order or I can focus on the greater mystery behind everything.

Either ways, I will have a few choices in regard to chapter 7 as well. I can choose to follow the old direction and have the Archbishop appears in Ironheart to fend off the Horseman. Or, I can move the actual encounter with the Archbishop to the Witch’s hut in the Dark Forest. At the moment, I’m sort of leaning towards the second option now that the Witch has allied herself with the Priestess’s party.


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