3 Tools to Instantly Boost Your Writing Productivity

My approach when it comes to writing is a bit different from Rosenberger. It’s actually going to be a bit too long for a comment so I’ll reblog it instead.

A clear mind is indeed important. I learned the hard way how the environment can greatly affect the outcome of my writing. Remember when I tried to write White Destiny in a dull factory office during an industrial internship? Yes, that didn’t end quite well and I ended up stumped on chapter 4 and 5; eventually, I had to invest more time rewriting these chapters completely because I gave up on trying to build something using these shaky chapters as foundation. That’s one thing we both agreed on.

I don’t use a self-control app, or any nagging alarm clock. Instead, I entertain myself with a writing blog and sharing my writing progress with an imaginary audience. It’s just like word count goal in NaNoWriMo. The act of sharing writing progress is my ultimate motivator. Whether it’s a blog, twitter or facebook page; keep track of your achievements and share them with the world.

Concerning editorial works, I use a text-to-speech app called “Kyrathasoft Text To Speech” to convert my writing into audio format. Then, I can download the audiobook version into my phone and listen to it everywhere. By listening, I can tell whether the writing was fluid or not; if something doesn’t sound pleasing to the ears, it probably won’t sound pleasing to the mind either. Not to mention, it allows me to close my eyes and visualize the elements in my writing in my mind. It’s quite different from reading and it works great because writing already involves staring at the screen for extended period of time.

Cloud storage (onedrive, google drive, dropbox) is also an incredibly powerful tool to have. The ability to immediately review any chapter anywhere, anytime is too good to pass on. Many cloud storage services also track revision history as bonus.

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