My daily battle: 1,000 words goal

The word count for Sasaki this NaNoWriMo Camp is 30,000. Over 30 days of April, that means 1,000 words per day. I’ve cranked out more words in a day in blog posts so 1,000 words should mean nothing.


The Pantser Me: This is going to be a piece of cake! Okay, now characters decide to spend their first date at an enthronement ceremony of the Japanese Emperor. 500 words to cover the event and 200 more words for a failed assassination. Cue for our characters to bail…

The Planner Me: Wait a minute…an assassination!? I thought we agreed NOT to take this story over-the-top.

The Pantser Me: Oh right, you’re right, I’ll just scratch that 200 words. Okay, so, nothing happened in particular, let’s just drop a hint with “this is where history begins” line. Quite enigmatic and a nice cliffhanger as well.

The Planner Me: I know where this is going…You’re going to use that as an anchor for time-dilation box time machine, aren’t you? Drop it! We’re not writing sci-fi. This is supposed to be “slice of life”, “normal slice of life”, remember?

The Pantser Me: Okay, okay….Jesus, I didn’t realize I was this bossy? I’ll have that serve as a punchline and nothing else. Alright, we’ll need to figure out a way to quickly draw attention to kTech.

The Planner Me: You’re right but…we are NOT making the Emperor break the tradition and pull shameless advertisement stunt during the sacred enthronement ceremony! Erase those 150 words now!

The Pantser Me: How about this? fast forward to the next day, we’ll describe the declassification of kTech online! It can be described as some sort of eldritch abomination that brings about a game changer into this world.

The Planner Me: And…what kind of game changer you’re thinking…

The Planner Me: Oh, you know the one. One of those gadgets in the Weapon Program. Hmm, let’s unveil the key sci-fi device of the story, the chrono–

The Planner Me: NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! No teleport device, no warp engine, no time-space weapon of mass destruction! If you need a McGuffin, make up something else! I’ll tolerate only the energy shield.

The Pantser Me: But-But…I wrote 500 more words in Chrono Triad direction…

The Planner Me: *facepalm*

Me: Let’s…just call it a day. I swear I’ll blog about you two wasting 850 words today. Mother of God…we only managed 500 so far! Thanks guys, you suck!

The Pantser and Planner Me: Err…we are…you! You’re welcome, try harder tomorrow!


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