My daily battle: 1,000 word goal (Day 2)

I hit some logistical nightmare during my research today. It takes forever to get the timing and transportation right. I guess I’m running into deficit again.

Fact #1: It takes 6 hours by train to travel from Fukuoka to Chiyoda prefecture, 4 hours by air from Fukuoka Airport to Haneda Airport + 1 hour by train to Chiyoda.
Fact #2: There are only two flights from Narita International (Japan) to Dubai, the shortest flight takes 11h30m.

Me: Mission control! We have a problem. In chapter one, I wrote 8 AM to 12 PM time frame before the ceremony began. Should I move back the time frame to 6 AM?

The Planner Me: Hanbei character is a lazy ass, he’ll never wake up that early. Don’t press your luck.

Me: Well guys, better figure something out asap. They are not going to be there on time if they started at 8 AM.

The Planner Me: Well, since Lance doesn’t have a limit on budget. This can logically happen if he puts Hanbei on a helicopter, takes him to the sea (Fukuoka is a port city anyways), brings him aboard the I-Shiniko aircraft carrier and flies him to Chiyoda in a VTOL fighter jet.

The Pantser Me: Yeaahhhh, right! Can I have my teleportation device now?

The Planner Me: You’re right, this is stupid. I need a better solution.

The Pantser Me: Hang on…The guy who said travelling by plane from Fukuoka to Tokyo takes 4 hours has gone full retard. I know for that distance, it can’t possibly take that long by air.

Me: Oh, you’re right, google says 2 hours from Fukuoka Airport to Haneda Airport. What a waste of time! With the added one hour by train to Chiyoda, the travel time should be manageable now. If three hours is even considered “manageable”.

The Planner Me: Good catch! Now quickly write the rest of the trip till the orientation presentation. It should be easy.

Me: Actually, I’m sleepy, I’m in no condition for more creative writing. You know what happened the last time I wrote half-asleep. Let’s call it a day. I’ve only managed 250 but I’ve been writing for 5 hours. Yes, I put down 500 words earlier but they belong to yesterday’s goal. To make matters worse, the plan tomorrow is…out of town all day.

The Pantser and Planner Me: Yep, you’re NaNo-screwed-Mo! Lesson learned, don’t write about or be involved in cross-border romance or your love story will be 80% travelling.


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