White Destiny [Chapter 6 revision]

The latest revision of chapter 6, White Destiny novel project, is available here:


For newcomers to the novel, you can find all the information about White Destiny here or by searching the tag “White Destiny”.

Glacial progress was made to White Destiny in the past three months. I have yet to manage any new chapter so far. As I see it, 2016 is going to be a year full of revision. I spent some of effort studying classical literature works, at the moment it is “Les Miserable”, hopefully to better myself as a writer.

White Destiny is also the review topic of this July NaNoWriMo Camp. I can expect significant progress this camp since my schedule next month is relatively free.

The first quarter was plagued with distractions: Kantai Collection’s most horrible event ever, Tikkun Olam Maker make-a-thon event, app development and electronics project. But alas something useful came out of these ventures. I now have an idea which direction I should push my other novel project Sasaki in. I’ll not talk about Sasaki for a while though. It’s White Destiny’s share of the limelight this July.


Readers will likely be taken aback by the depiction of the character Eliot in chapter 6. I’m also amazed by the change of her character myself. The Black Witch was designed with a set of labels in mind: “selfish”, “lonesome”, “honest” and “sadistic”. Chapter 2 and 3 did a decent job depicting her friendliness, solitude, honesty and her tendency to act in self-interest.

The problem is, by the end of chapter 5, she was painted more as a damsel in distress than the strong and unpredictable wild card character I envisioned. Recent edits made to Brown’s Boulder scenario somehow nudged the Witch a bit too far on the “good guys” side for my taste. After all, she was designed to be Chaotic Neutral alignment and I needed to remind myself the evil deeds the character was capable of.

My conscience screams. I overdid the killing scene. But my inner sadist cheers of joy: what a bloody awesome character Eliot has become. That teaches ’em generic characters not to mess with those crazy named spell-casters. I believe “to kill rather than to be killed” is a reasonable choice for the Witch considering the entire “last survivor of her kind” premise. And the part where she was consistently being pervert, wicked, and carefree in chapter 6 helped spice up her unpredictability.


Admittedly, the scene with the minstrel was the hardest to write in chapter 6. His character’s speech pattern is highly poetic; I swear I can live without writing in rhyme all the time. His close relationship with the Witch means she was likely to adapt her speech pattern to his during their conversation as well. So I ended up writing half of the chapter in poems and (supposedly) ballads.

It was established that with the kind of archaic and cryptic response he used, he’s meant to be a plot dispenser and foreshadower. This means a few details he mentioned won’t become meaningful until much later. Either ways, we’ll certainly see the minstrel aka “The Traveler” again soon. After all, he’s not a character I made out of spur. He’s a key character, like the Witch and the Inventor, in the original game.

His next interaction will be with the Priestess, I’m looking forward to it.

Who has your loyalty, o princess of white?

The ruby garden or the tower of light?

Who chooses your destiny, o priestess of might?

Your father did or you did it yourself”.

Since I’ve already written the poem for that scene LOL.


The Necromancer of Merlock made his debut in this chapter. He was briefly mentioned in Chapter 3, in the dialogue between the Witch and the bishop of Ironheart. His appearance and the blue moon signaled the conflict for territory between rival wizards. The balance had been the Archbishop in Azeth, the Witch in the Dark Forest and the Necromancer in Merlock; but that balance would soon be broken in the upcoming domain wizard clash.

I can see a few directions from here. Ironheart was the center stage of the clash. The Archbishop wanted a take over Ironheart via politics campaign. The Necromancer wanted to raise Death and invade Ironheart by force. The Witch and the Archbishop would then have a common goal to stop the Necromancer from massacring the entire city.

I would have to mention the possible prospect of Lilia as a candidate for Ironheart’s ruling as well. Lilia was the legitimate heir to the political throne and she was also a potent magic wielder; albeit she was no match in term of magic power to the other three. The only thing she lacks was ambition but opinions can change with circumstances.


I admit, I’m stuck at the horseman of Death’s fight scene. It appears I have pushed the drama a bit too far and now I don’t know how to resolve the whole mess. For the time being, I’m devoting my efforts on the events around the night when the bishop died and the day after from the Witch’s perspective. By the end of this not-so-small excursion, I should, hopefully, have a valid motives for the actions the characters took at Brown’s boulder.

I can always go back and revise chapter 5 should the character develop in a way that implies they would take other actions instead. After all, it’s easier to write the actions according to the natural growth of the characters than to bend the growth artificially to the planned actions. After this, I’ll go back and revise chapter 3 a bit to reflect new characteristics (of the setting, the Witch and the bishop) as defined in chapter 6.

By the way, the name “Illuminati” has been removed from the story. The order continues to exist but without a defining name. As far as I can tell, the “Illuminati” won’t be involved much in the story of White Destiny until they become the Broken Blade order in Black Existence.

But that’s another story for another day.


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