June 2016 overhaul change logs

For newcomers to the novel, you can find all the information about White Destiny here or by searching the tag “White Destiny”.

It’s not right to call the changes done to White Destiny this month a simple revision anymore. With the exception of Chapter 1, all other chapters have been extensively rewritten, and the direction of the story has been changed completely.

There are still a bit of work at the end (mainly where chapter 6 should go and how arcs should be grouped) but I feel it’s time to write up a note on the changes I have done so far, before NaNoWriMo Camp begins tomorrow.

Chapter 2: The Black Witch

– Minor fixes to the dialogue between the Witch and the Inventor so as his reason to draw the Witch to Ironheart was more logical.

– Foreshadow the Traveler.

– Change Illuminati to Silverflow references.

– Change the scene when the Witch looks outside. The bishop is no longer directly mentioned in chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Lambs of Stray

– Minor fixes to the opening scene outside the Witch’s house. The Witch teased the bishop even more and their conversation was more intimate than before.

– Add hints to an aspect life of the Witch and the increasingly difficulty life in nearby regions.

– Add a new side story: the cruel side of the church and the life of people in West Rufus. This should serve as the pedal for the Inventor’s revolt side arc and give additional insight into the Witch’s moral values.

– Introduce the concept of magic signs and reinforce the dangers of the Dark Forest.

Chapter 4: The Schemers

– Add various forensics aspects around the bishop’s funeral. Ironheart is a city of rationality, the Academy and Silverflow Council enforce death certification and crime investigation proceedings. These were depicted in various actions conducted by city officials in response to the bishop’s murder in the latest revision.

– Elaborate on the Priestess’s actions throughout the day.

– Elaborate on the evidences and circumstances around the bishop’s murder. The investigation report Lilia cited is only made possible now that Chapter 6 has finalized what happened that night.

– Add the Baron’s reasoning to back the Witch up and the Priestess’s reasoning to execute the Witch regardless of guilt (political reasons).

– Elaborate on the priorities of the Priestess. She’s less of a priestess, less of a court wizard and more of a councilor and a future queen regnant/princess.

– Minor fixes to the dialogue between the Baron and the Inventor.

– Change the cliffhanger back to the revelation of the Witch being in Brown’s Boulder.

– Remove the Militia from the story. This character is now implemented as one of the knights who attacked the Witch’s hut in chapter 6.

Chapter 5: God’s Mercy

– Completely new chapter highlighting the Inventor, the Witch and several world-building aspects.

– Introduce various concepts of magic system in Ashlora: domain wizards, different schools of magic, how to read magic signs, how to suppress a magic user, the ability to learn and wield magic, magic resistance, how witches and mages are called, and the age of witches.

– More #witcheslifematters and a bit of deception by the Witch.


After a long night talk with Chaos8ringer, the creator of Steve character and a long-time friend of mine, I have come up with a few possible stories leading up to Black Existence. The one I’ll be going  with is going to be rather edgy, I hope I can find a way to avoid the edgy parts but there’s no guarantee I can do it. What I have finalized on is the main story in the next few chapters.

The rest of the Priestess’s arc revolves around her coronation. The story will cover the day-by-day life of the Witch in Ironheart as she builds up her trust with the Priestess. Meanwhile, the Priestess will have her fair share of romance with the Ironsmith (to be introduced) as well. Expect political conspiracies and intense clashes of magic from the Wizard War (which occurs between team Priestess x Witch vs. Archbishop x Necromancer near the end of the arc).

The Scholar’s arc should cover the Inventor’s side of things in the sphere of conspiracies prior to the Priestess’s coronation. The Witch spends more time discovering the backstory of the Scholar (which would justify her absence in the Priestess’s point of view). She will end up uncovering dark secrets that will lead to her own story arc beyond the Wizard War.

The Witch’s arc actually didn’t change much from the original plan. It’ll cover the content of the original game. This involves the Archangel’s summoning, the Devil’s scheme and the sealing of Seven Obelisks in the aftermath of Wizard War.


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