Story by the campfire: The worst possible ending

First week of Camp NaNoWriMo went by and I got about 3-day-worth of writing. Not bad, I supposed, but it could be better. The serious writing starts next Monday when I’m done with the surprise Microwave engineering re-exam. But first, some quick progress updates on White Destiny’s revision:

The bishop and the Witch

There’s been yet another revision to chapter 3 scenario. I can’t say I’m happy with the current scenario so I’ll hold on to the update for further reviews before I push it to this blog. I have decided to omit a few things in the chapter and hold them back for later revelation. And by that, I mean the whole “corrupted church members burning women behind the bishop’s back” exposition.

In the latest revision, the Witch was in love with the bishop but she decided to kill him anyways. This new scenario leads to two things. First, the Witch now has a reason to hang around and stay on the Priestess’s side according to the bishop’s last request. And second, she’s now guilty of murder; unlike before where she was framed for the murder. This means, she’s even more of an anti-hero than before and the motivation driving her action is going to be something less noble than sympathy for prostitutes in West Rufus.

Shhh, I’m not telling her reason now.

Magic in Ashlora

Along with the changes done to chapter 3; chapter 5 and 6 will receive some fixes as well. In a spark of drunken ingenuity, I have come up with the last missing piece for a magic system in Ashlora which will be reflected first in chapter 5 and 6.

In Ashlora, magicians cast spells by channeling ambient magic into their focus (staff, wand, broomstick, crystal ball, etc.). They are allowed to channel as much magic as their focus can handle. The amount of magic they can use is limited by the “saturation” point of their focus or the amount of ambient magic available. This means, one cannot use magic if his staff saturated or if the ambient no longer has any free magic.

This is why magic cannot be conjured in the Dark Forest. The ambient magic was tainted by the blight and channeling this corrupted power would ruin the caster’s mind. Additionally, binding to a new focus takes as much time as letting the current focus fully recharged several times over. This prevents multiple wands exploit.

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. The so-called “domain wizards” (for a lack of better naming) can use their own magic, which would be infinitesimally small for normal magicians,  instead of ambient magic. They can resupply the ambient with their own self-contained magic and manipulate the land to their power.

In the story of White Destiny, there are four domain wizards representing Fa’el (?), Ironheart (the Witch), Merlock (the Necromancer) and Azeth (the Archbishop).

The worst possible ending prompt

I attended a virtual write-in last Thursday under the alias Lightning ray. One of the writing prompts was “Write the worst possible ending for your story”. My reply was picked and read aloud by the streamer. This means a lot to me. Not only it is a special achievement but it is also a confirmation that the ending I have in mind for Black Existence was interesting enough to grab professional authors’ attention.

Without further ado, the ending I wrote was:

“When they finally beat Satan, God decided that he wanted a rematch. He’s a high-score hunter. The score this time wasn’t high enough for him”

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