Virtual write-in prompts 7/14/16

Put your character in a situation or scene that is patently ridiculous, whether that’s a quirky bookstore, an upside down desert or a humiliating situation. (95 words)

The world had gone mad, it truly had. She stood helplessly as trucks after trucks ran over the poor pedestrian. She knew a deliberate murder attempt when she saw one and this was seemingly a collaboration of the mass.

“Anyone who breaks the laws of the road will be run over. It is against the laws to let the law breakers live.” And hence, the world had gone mad, she told herself another time. There was no mercy; everyone was trying to kill the first person who dared to leave the border of social acceptability.

People have different kinds of insanity in their lives. What is the weirdest thing that your character’s friends have to get used to? (115 words)

Whenever he walked outside and she did as well, God would make it rain relentlessly for no reason.

“It’s fine. I’m used to it,” he said and brought an umbrella over her head. It was sunny when he left the house. He knew it would undoubtedly look dumb to bring along an umbrella; not a speck of cloud in the sky, the sun was shining strong; and he was still walking ahead with a folded umbrella in his hand nevertheless.

“It’s not a curse, don’t cry,” he told her softly, “Whenever I come prepared, the weather is clear again. Look, Sasaki, it’s a blessing. I can always find you at the foot of the rainbow.”

One of the fun things about fiction is that anything can happen. Anything at all. Take advantage of that. (164 words)

“Are you serious? You pitched Darth Vader against Voldemort? What happened to copyright?”

Lance yelled at the top of his lung, watching helplessly as his sparkly pink Gundam was pinned between two lords of darkness. He was so through with this game. Calling forth creatures from the depth of fiction was one thing, copyright infringement was another story. And who was he to talk about copyright? Let’s not talk copyright when the Cthulhu over there was still bickering to Qin Shi Huangdi about the best flavor of fried squid ball.

“It’s cheating, Daisuke, you cannot summon Shini, she’s your own, real, and living sister. I know she’s overpowered as Jesus but she’s not fiction. Neither is Huangdi! Oh come on, one Shini is enough already, which Shini is the real Shini?”

“I am—” one of the blue-haired princesses pointed at herself as it started raining popcorn on top of the fake one. Guess the fictional Shini didn’t inherit any of that maddening luck.

The most entertaining and memorable characters tend to be very quirky. What are some of your character’s quirks, and how do they affect them? (161 words)

Even a princess had her pride too. Ain’t any dragon would be keeping her locked in any tower and ain’t any prince whom she had only meet would have her hand in marriage.

“To hell with the marriage, start a war if you want. See if I care,” Lilia defiantly shouted and cast the darkest magic she learned from a forbidden book. And so, the headline of the day after would be: “The princess turned the prince into a frog.”

There was a slight twist though, the news had never reached public ears and she couldn’t scratch the back of her own head in the morning after. That itch was killing her. “I demand to be tied to a cleaner rock. Cut it out! I might not know how to lift the curse but me kissing a frog is definitely the wrong answer!”

They persisted and half an hour later, the frog was paddling in a puddle of the princess’s vomit.

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