News from Ashlora – Oct/2016

For newcomers to the novel, you can find all the information about White Destiny here or by searching the tag “White Destiny”.

It’s been a while since I last posted a writing update. I haven’t forgotten about my novel projects, I was only busy brushing up on programming and web development. Prior to the web dev hype, I spent some time reviewing the novel plans after Camp NaNoWriMo sent me a youtube link to Robert Mckee.

Some of his most eye-opening videos are on multiple protangonists, non-linear storytelling, and dialogues. There is one interesting video on setting as well but it’s something I’ve already known.

Now just like what you would expect from an amateur writer, watching Mckee conferences and listening to his lecture on storytelling for the first time, I felt like I had been doing the world a disservice with my junk writing. I made the first revision with his advice in mind in August but the cuts were rough and the sub-plots did not flow well together.


In the end, I had to bring the Bishop of Ironheart back and add yet another character to the novel. Her name is Katherine, a strong elite knight who learned of the Witch’s identity in the beginning of the story. Like the Bishop, she plays the support role, allowing everyone else to indulge in plot-dispensing expositions during the world-building phase.

Why a female knight, though? Well, it’s because she can be more involved in the Princess and the Ironsmith’s relationship later on, acting as the catalyst, best friend and love rival. A love triangle! What can possibly go wrong?


Pages are cool but they lack exposure. I realized if the writing was not presented in the post, no one would bother clicking the link. That’s only one reason though. More importantly, pages have no history. Pages have only one address. I want to be able to share old versions of the chapters as well as latest ones. It’s a bother to do so in pages when posts are doing it automatically.

So, the compromise is, I’ll be releasing new chapters and revisions to posts and archive the latest revisions to pages. Those who want to read older revisions are welcome to do so using search function. Those who want only the latest revision can go to the pages. Commentaries will have the title “News from Ashlora – Month/Year”. Append and edit “1/3”, “2/3”, etc. if there are more than one commentary in that month.


I’m bored with the Witch’s view after a while. I need a change of pace. Therefore, I’m writing the Princess’s part for the time being. The story starts one month after the Princess and the Witch joined force. The early portions are mostly slice-of-life world-building so I decided to kick off the story with a fight scene. They bashed some heads, slew some bandits, roasted some peasants and threw some bone-chilling spells.

Pretty cool way to say “fantasy!” eh?

While we are at it, I should mention a new tweak to the magic system. There are several ways to cast spells in Ashlora. Wordless spells are the weakest, next are wandless spells and finally focus spells, which are cast with a focus (wand or rosary). To clarify, a wordless spell cast with a focus is still a wordless spell. These are originally special skills exclusive to the Witch but I decided to make them universal. This means the next time someone tie up a mage, they will take extra precaution against wordless magic.

There will be more information on the magic system and some bit and pieces on languages in the next chapter, please look forward to it.


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