Useful online courses and writing tools

Linkedin’s week of learning will end tomorrow. Therefore, I’d like to recommend my fellow writers a few useful courses before these invaluable materials become inaccessible (at least, no longer for free).

To download a video, simply view it in your browser, right click and select “Save video as” in the pop-up menu.

Character design

These courses discuss character design. Feel free to skip the drawing part if you don’t plan to draw your characters yourselves.

Character Development and Design

Drawing Good and Evil Comic Book Characters

Style & grammar

And these next two courses explore the technical aspects of writing (and less on the creative part):

Writing in plain English

Grammar Fundamentals

Writing tools

Whether you’re a NaNoWriMo participant or not, you can pick up the special trial version of the acclaimed writing tool Scrivener from NaNoWriMo’s sponsor page.

Alternatively, if you’re like me and want something free and light weight, try yWriter. It has no ad, full feature and no trial timeout (the Unregistered version tag has no effect according to the developer). It can also run off a USB stick too, just pick the zipped version from the official download page.


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