Fiction book bundle for $1


HumbleBundle finally offers the kind of book bundle I would buy. I mean, RPG books are cool. Self-help books and comicbooks are not. And fiction novellas? Hell yes!

Of the five books, two books are written in third person and three books are written in first person so they are certainly useful as writing references. If anything, I highly recommend Down and Out in Purgatory by Tim Powers in this $1 bundle. The premise instantly captured my attention and it has been a great read so far. Get the bundle fast before it’s gone here:


For those who are looking for storytelling tips in other fields, Extra Credits is a game design channel I’ve been following lately. They provide excellent insights into storytelling, world building and character designs in games that might be as relevant in writing. Disclaimer: I’m promoting their channel because I love their content, I have nothing to gain from this. Below is the link to their channel:


On another note, I’m now back to writing in Microsoft Word as yWriter, as great as it first seems, is a huge distraction and an inconvenience since I cannot access the writing from OneDrive on mobile. Yes, I’m still writing White Destiny. I haven’t been writing much in recent months as I’m in the final stage of my engineering thesis.

But, I plan to resume writing as soon as it’s over. Next week, I’ll have a bit of time for a brief summary of the changes. Please look forwards to it.

The main narrator is now the Inventor instead of the Princess. Ashlora is now set in a torus world and Silverflow Council is now a mix of meritocracy, democracy and monarchy. Sounds unique and fantastic to me except I’ll have to figure out how time would be defined when there were sixteen moon rises and sixteen moon sets every night.

Still, fantastic.


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