News from Ashlora – Mar/2017 #2

The 4th revision is now underway and I’m now posting the story by scenes instead of chapters.

For example, the first chapter “She is a pet hydra” has three scenes in total and they make up around 3000 words; slightly greater than the usual 2500 words / chapter goal. I have only posted the first scene here, two more to go later.


Blogging the book in smaller chunks helps fight the urge to edit old parts. I’m, for the most part, hesitant when it comes to editing published chapters so I tend to hold on to them for as long as possible and editing the heck out of them. This sometimes leads me into an endless rewriting loop and prevents releases for extended period of time.

It is also easier to read and much less scrolling as well so why the heck not?

This time, I’ll try to post the scenes as frequent as possible and I’ll follow a one-week release schedule. Every Thursday starting this week (plus or minus one day), I’ll be releasing a scene from the book. A commentary post will be done after every chapter and/or every new month, whichever comes first.

At the average rate of 3-4 scenes a chapter this means I’ll be releasing a chapter a month. It is going to be a huge commitment but I have three months of free time so let’s see how long I can keep this going.


In the first scene, several familiar technologies were introduced to the world of Ashlora. We have the ice box aka refrigerator; widely adopted and publicly employed; and zeppelins equipped with cannons. The cannons are better known by the public, the zeppelins remain in the dark at this point. Other technologies such as machine press and chemical synthesis are also revealed in the first chapter. Everything is likely to be steampunk, magic-powered or hydraulic. The development rate might differ from our world due to cultural and planetary factors.

Considering the city is based on mining, smithing and crafting, it makes senses for explosive to be developed and adopted first, then machine manufacture and refining technologies.

Breakthroughs in medicine, chemistry and food preservation are likely stemmed from the fact that the city is under attack by a plague and famine modeled after the Black Death that brought Roman empire to its knees.

Weaponry begins to see development when Ironheart sees a philosophical awareness of its own standing in the world and grows resentful of its oppressive ruler in the city of Azeth. But that, is the story for another day.

The common currency of Ashlora is called “Pris”. There exist other currencies on the rim of the world, in civilizations outside Azeth’s sphere of influence. I might mention these civilizations in passing “coffee beans” references just to spice things up every now and then but they are beyond the scope of the current narrative.

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