Books, more books!

I’m late to the party this time, but well; better be late than never. I admit, I’m a big spender on fiction books and once again, I’m buying another book bundle that I might never have time to read and then writing a blog post to advertise it. Heck $1 for four books, why not?

It’s science fiction and fantasy bundle written by female authors and female protagonists this time. Yes, female protagonists, strong and daring heroines; the kind I like in a story! This is going to be great. Get your book bundles here:

So, for the first four books in the bundle, only one of them is in third person narrative (Path of Fate).

It’s okay. Two-third of the Down and Out in Purgatory from the last bundle and I’m already bored out of my mind. I suppose it was the case of fictional world going too far, getting too bizarre and too out of touch with reality that I can hardly conceptualize the descriptions of Purgatory in my mind. I’m learning something for my writing so it’s all good.

Finally, I’m stuck on volume 6 of Bungaku Shoujo. Somebody help, it’s too damn boring!


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