End-of-year blog update

Dear frequent patrons,

As you might have noticed, there have been some changes to the blog’s content in recent time and I would like to make a sort of report and keep you up to date on what I’m up to lately.

Introducing the Memos

The most striking new addition to this blog is “the Memos” series, featuring lecture notes for my current post-grad study in sensor systems technology. Prior to the memos, I had published a few technical documents concerning programming and engineering problems I tackled. These early DIY memos have been of great help to me in more than one instance and I hope some of you will find them useful too. The memos and all previous documents are available under the new “Engineering” category:


I still have a number of displacement sensor topics I would like to cover and a number more on control theory topics but it will take a while to write those. Researches have to be done and all to ensure the most accurate information possible. When it comes to technical researches, it takes time, lots of time.

Reviewing past stories

Pertaining my writing endeavors, I have given up the fourth revision of White Destiny novel and shifted my focus elsewhere. I read the fourth revision with a fresh perspective after five months and I found myself cringing at the latter half. It went downhill from the scene in the Alchemist’s quarter onward. There was no direction, everything was reactive and arbitrary; in short, I don’t like it at all.

At long last, I figure I need a change of pace, I need to start small; walking first before running. Early short story experiments revealed multiple issues with my storytelling in general. I’ll just write here the things I learned from all these short stories.

Short story: “Cat”, “Pumpkin”, “Headphone” was a test story using abrupt scene transition. This “cinematic cut” transition style enjoy considerable success in fanfictions for whatever reasons I’m not aware of. I wrote it also as a test for Mystery / Crime Fiction genre, though, it became clear halfway through that I have next to zero talent in Mystery genre. Here, I learned to never use abrupt transitions again.

In my second piece, Short story: “Swimming pool”, “Cicada”, “Airplane”, I played with onomatopoeia, Survival and (subtle) Supernatural genres. I particularly like this one, all the way to the climax. However, the resolution was cheesy and a bit over the top for my taste. It was 4AM in the morning when I wrote it and I was under time pressure. I will definitely rewrite the ending sometimes. It’ll be done, definitely!

Short story: “Rain”, “Bottle”, “Bookstore” focused on creating the atmosphere at the start and delved into Realism / Slice of Life genres. It went well at first but then it broke down in the middle, with the whole tragic backstory as the cringey cheese trap I somehow have not learned to avoid.

After the epic fail third story, I spent a good long break and picked up a few classic books from the store. They served me well in writing Short story: “Lawyer”, “A.I.”, “Wikipedia”. I personally feel this piece marked the end of random, dramatic and illogical cliche shenanigans that have been plaguing my writing for so long. Here, I learned to focus more on the characters’ portrayals.

This focus on characters’ portrayals continued in Short story: “Death”, “Hat”, “Gene” where the cast was composed of only two characters. I wrote this part as a prologue to the book “Sasaki” I am writing so the story might be a bit hard to follow with lots of loose ends and all. Overall, as far as the goal of practicing writing character depth goes, it was a success.

And the latest Short story: Halloween special was just an attempt on Lovecraftian horror with the wordiness from “The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe”. No doubt it is hard to write and hard to read but the number of details can be packed in that story is astonishing. Perhaps, I’ll need to find a balance between my normal easy-to-read style and the classical literature style in my future works.

Let’s write German!

My next short story, “Das Land ohne Wege”, which will be published (hopefully) on Saturday will be written in German.

Yes, you read it right, in German, auf Deutsch!

In the plot, it will be about a World War II German tank driver who was captured by the French resistance and discovered the Allies’ scheme to land in Normandy. In function, it will be a cross between “the memo” and “short stories”. What I mean is that…since I’m still a novice in the German language so these “Kleine Geschichte” will no doubt be nonsensical to the native speakers, whom I know some of you are, and I’m telling you this so as you know what’s in store on Saturday.

My only intention is to learn the language via storytelling, as I did with English. Therefore, if any of you spot mistakes (grammar, word choice or whatever) or if any parts sound unnatural to you, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment and let me know.

Danke schön!


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