News from Ashlora – Aug/2018

It’s been a year since I last wrote something about Ashlora. Most of the contents I published last year are technical notes, which I don’t imagine anybody but the people in my engineering class would read. I’m happy to report that I’m succeeding in real life but not in the field of literature as I have hoped.

Revision 5 is here!

Less about me and more about the book, White Destiny. I’m currently publishing revision 5 every weekday. I made it so that the releases are only between 700-900 words, easier to write and easier to read. This way, I hope I can find time to write every day and keep the momentum going.

At large, this revision works on the basic story developed in the previous revisions with a stronger focus on the event surrounding the cure’s missing ingredient and the inventor’s rise to power. Everything else, including the princess’s search for Alexander D’Amore and the dragon’s attack on the witch’s hut, will serve as challenges and opportunities toward the inventor’s end goals.

Oh, and we have a new banner and in-post links that facilitate continuous reading from one chapter to the next. No need to figure out which part connects to which now!

The coins of Ironheart

Two new currencies are introduced in this revision: the tampered steel pris coin and the black iron braum coin.

A pris is worth 20 braum. A common workman earns between 2 and 4 pris a day, making single braum worth around $1 in real life. It’s a rather terrible wage in today’s standard but I figure it’s reasonable in the medieval time. Not everyone deserves to be charged a whole braum for a glass of water after all.

I found fantastic insights in building an economy from the book “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and I’m very much for the idea of exerting influences via economic means.

This will be the first battlefield the inventor has to fight in the upcoming chapters when he and the witch team up to take on the count and his cohorts in West Rufus’ black market. I already have an idea of how this conflict will play out and I hope I’ll be able to get it done by the end of the month.

Building a religion

So far, I have explored the geographical, political, and economic aspects of Ashlora. The next aspect I would like to develop in the upcoming chapters is religion.

Religion is complicated; its full impact will not be limited to just the political stranglehold Azeth has over Ironheart but on all aspects of life. I fear I won’t be able to fully develop a believable and unique religion without taking a year hiatus to read up on the history of religions like I did with the economy. That would kill the momentum for sure and I really do not want it to happen again.

For now, I’ll just write some placeholder religion based (not so) loosely on the modern Christianity with different patron saints for different kingdoms. No doubt the interaction will be terrible to read but this will do for now. Fixing religion will be the story of another revision unless I suddenly receive a divine revelation in my sleep and write the whole thing in one sitting.

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