News from Ashlora Oct/2018

Feast your eyes upon the exotic lands of Ashlora!

Thanks to the free mapping tool Inkarnate, I finally finished mapping the major landmarks in Ashlora. It was a fantastic world-building exercise and I found plenty of ideas to use in White Destiny.

Before diving in…

Before I go into details of the new map, I need to make a brief announcement. As you might have aware, revision 5 is hitting a bit of a roadblock after the latest release in early September. To be honest, I’m not a fan of how WD11: Like sleeping with another man played out.

Originally, I wrote the whole scenario just to drop that “like sleeping with another man” joke at the end but the scene seems to have too great a detrimental effect on the characterization of Katherine and Steve.

Having gone through several drafts trying to push things back on track, I’ve decided to just rewrite the scenario. The revised version will be reposted later on and the current version will be scrapped. I should get this done before the second week of November so that I can resume writing right afterward.

For now, I’m working on this year’s Halloween special please look forward to it.

And without further ado, let’s talk about the map!

Kingdom of Ironheart

Ironheart occupies a strategic location atop of plateau adjacent to river Sane. To the west of Ironheart lies the old mining district West Rufus and further westward lies the Dark Forest where the witch lives. Because of the plague spreading from the west, Ironheart’s remaining farmlands are all located to the east of the capital city.

The port town of Merlock belongs to the kingdom of Ironheart. Sea routes from Merlock connect Ironheart to the lands beyond the East Merlock Sea, in the rim region of the torus world. Merlock is also the gateway to Ironheart’s nearest neighbor; the kingdom of Azeth through Merlock-Silver Gallop channel.

Kingdom of Azeth

Surrounded by impassable mountain ranges to the northeast and southwest, the capital city of Azeth is an impregnable fortress by nature. Snow covers the region but the enchanted walls of Azeth kept the climate within the city temperate all year round.

East of Azeth lies an uncharted mountain range known as Devil’s Snare. True to its name, any man dares venture in the Devil’s Snare must be ready to leave his sanity behind. The treacherous terrain and harsh climate are nothing compared to the otherworldly forces sealed in these mountains.

West of Azeth lies Angel’s Crown, a sanctuary where the supposed remnant of the kingdom’s patron saint was buried. Like Devil’s Snare, divine forces beyond human’s comprehension lie in dormant in Angel’s Crown.

Fa’el Landing

Both Azeth and Ironheart have claimed Fa’el Landing, the site where the sky kingdom of Fa’el fell into the ocean, as part of their territories. Ironheart, having sheltered the large majority of Fa’elin refugees claimed the site on the basis of legitimacy and heritage. Meanwhile, Azeth’s claim was based on the proximity of Fa’el Landing to its territory.

And it is this territorial dispute that will bring the two kingdoms into armed conflicts later on.

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