Flash fiction: Never said you are…

Following a tip online, the slender Asian boy found himself at a hidden net cafe in the back of an innocuous antique store. There, he met his contact and was mildly disappointed to see a man instead of a woman. That made the both of them, two dudes offline running female profiles online.

After a quick handshake, short greetings, and an unspoken oath of confidentiality sealed by the threat of mutually assured destruction; the boy cut right into business. He took from his blazer’s pocket a paper envelope and slipped it to the man.

“Two hundred upfront and another two hundred after the tournament”.

With a low hum, the man opened the envelope and counted the bills inside. “It’s safe here,” the man said to quell the boy’s panic. “All in orders,” he concluded his counting and shoved the envelope in his jeans’ pocket.

“And the cheat?” the boy asked nervously.

“Already in your inbox. If not, check the spam”.

Not believing the man’s words, the boy took out his smartphone and checked his inbox. “Are there any other players with this?” the boy asked.

The man shrugged.

“Never said you are my only customer”.

“But that means–“

“Consider that a proof of quality. The more popular a thing is, the better its quality is. That’s how the market works, kid. If anything, be glad you got it while the price is still low.”

After the boy had left the premise, a short Asian girl showed herself to the man. The man gave a warm smile and wrapped his arms around her small shoulders as she slumped into an office chair facing a PC next to him. She didn’t resist but she let out a long sigh.

“Shouldn’t you be glad it was just a guy-in-real-life kind of girl? Why the long face?” the man asked.

The girl growled.

“Rather you met a real girl than that guy. What a mess this is…”

“A mess? What is?”

“That’s my boyfriend who just left. I wasn’t sure before but I am now. He’s using my account to contact you, who are using my other account.”

The man frowned. It took a moment for the realization to dawn on him and when it did, it hit him hard. Forcefully, he turned the chair the girl was sitting on around and unleashed a furious shout at her:

“Your boyfriend!? He’s your boyfriend!?”

The girl shrugged.

“Never said you are my only boyfriend…”

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