A year to remember

Here we are again at the dawn of a new year. I’m very pleased to report that 2018 has been most life-changing and most pleasant. I’m now living in a foreign country, experiencing a strange culture and exploring new things every day. There wasn’t a dull moment in my life in the last quarter although the time to sit back and scribble down all the ideas that have been overflowing my mind is shrinking smaller and smaller.

On writings

I’m very much ashamed to have released the Christmas special on New Year’s Day, especially considering how depressing the piece was. Nevertheless, it is no doubt a landmark short story as I have finally gathered enough experiences to sit down and write the entire thing without needing any additional researches.

All these characters, details and developments are all modeled on what actually happened to me, sprinkled on a bit of creative freedom and well stirred in the cauldron of literary magic. Rather easy to write dialogs and reactions when I know exactly how the drama went down in real life.

On a different note, after a flurry of releases back in late August, the 5th revision of the long-running fantasy novel project White Destiny is now officially dead in the water. Let’s just say I dug myself into a hole concerning Count Alexander D’Amore and the princess in chapter 10 and still I don’t know how to get out of it.

To be absolutely honest, I have no idea what would be a plausible reason for the princess to actively seek out Alex and for Alex to actively avoid the princess. It was just a thing that had to be there to make the whole tavern deal works and gave the inventor the chance to execute his grand plan. And…I’m stuck on what exactly “that thing” needs to be. One thing for sure, everything from chapter 1 to 9 is likely to remain final.

Everything except the minstrel’s song in chapter 7. I’m pretty sure I can make it better if I can spend a few hours in front of a piano.

Last but not least, I have been quite into SCP Foundation stories lately. Expect to see a few pieces written in SCP-style in the upcoming year.

It ended where it all began

Last April, I received the grim news that the Mangafox community, after years on life support, has finally closed down. Just like that, the forums where it all began, where I  met my first online friends, brainstormed my first character, crafted my first story, were gone for good.

I contemplated writing a short abstract piece in memories of the place but I have never truly gotten down to finish it. Perhaps, it is only fitting for Mangafox’s departure to be a private and silent affair. After all, it has been nearly four years since I last visited the place.

As the epilogue, the friends I made there remain in touch and one of them would be paying me a visit this weekend. The first character I created remains my most beloved Sasaki Aiko, whose story has never truly ended…

In the meanwhile, please enjoy a bit of poetry I wrote in my free time. Perhaps an idea for a new story?

“Close your eyes, my queen! Hear no more your people cry.”

“Shed no tears, my queen! They are foolish, you are wise.”

“Rest now, my queen! Your children are brave, your kingdom strong.”

“Good night, my queen! Let the dreams be your marble throne.”

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