NaNoWriMo, halfway to hell

I think I found my limit. Yep, it’s 20k words and 6k behind schedule now. I covered the same number of words as last week and the average is still 1.2k daily. Not only that but I’m also behind on sleep and that has severely hindered my productivity. I might have to take a day off soon to recover.

To celebrate the halfway mark, I spent this afternoon doing a bit of editing. Yes, editing! How sinful I am!

The biggest overhaul is done to #13 because I was writing that one half-asleep. There’s a slight addition to #11, the boss now gives Sayaka back some advice on tactic as he promised from the beginning and I forgot that he did. There are other bits of minor rephrasing and typo corrections in other chapters as well but overall, nothing has changed about the story.

What I’m worrying the most right now is the fact that the boss has only covered 10 days of his one-month plan and I’m already half-way through with the novel. So a time skip is going to be in order soon. Or, I’ll have to go overtime and continue beyond 50k words after NaNoWriMo.

My favorite part this week is definitely the exchange between the boss and the Koga’s clan master. All these references to classic literature works (No Longer Human and I Am a Cat) are great, especially when they are subtle. Once I finish NaNoWriMo and get down to serious editing, I’m going to cut out all the “explain that reference” bits and turn them into Easter eggs for the more…cultured readers.

As for the story so far, the introduction to all three Jjangs is finally, finally completed. In a nutshell:

  • Daisuke is the strongest in terms of combat power and his gang focuses heavily on honing individual strengths. He’s an excellent tactician but also a dictator. He has no qualm whatsoever about killing people but he has a lot of problems getting himself into mortal dangers (who doesn’t lmao?).
  • Sayaka ranks below Daisuke in combat power but she makes up for individual strengths with squad tactics. She’s an okay tactician on her own but she has four lieutenants she can count on to make up for her deficiencies. In contrast to Daisuke, she has a key weakness of not being able to kill or maim people but she’s willing to jump into hell and back to help her friends.
  • Heiji‘s gang, on the other hand, goes on intel gathering and hacking path. He has negligible combat power and prefers to stay out of direct confrontation. He is the shadow manipulator type who also has no qualm about killing people but he does lean towards not getting caught in any degree of danger at all.

The current recruitment plan for these three gangs are basically:

  • Stockholm’s syndrome aka beat ’em till they are half dead and throw a Pokeball at them (Daisuke),
  • Indoctrination in eight easy steps (Sayaka)

As for Heiji, it’s also indoctrination but with a twist!

In any case, the traitors are finally catching on now. They will start making their moves on Fukuoka High and the boss very soon. I believe I have given him enough resources and connections to survive this next arc where he’ll have to face the obligatory DARKEST HOUR.

Bwahahahaha *cough* *cough* haha…


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