NaNoWriMo, the end is nigh

For your information, I did not plan this whole hospital arc at all. I planned to use the hospital as an easy time skip but research in coma recovery indicated a much longer recovery time than I anticipated. Just one more example of how the reality could derail my plot in unexpected ways through research.

The bad thing about pantsing is that sometimes the characters and the reality just throw a wrench in my plot progression. Even though I claim myself to be a pantser, I do have a few nonnegotiable endpoints planned out from the get-go. It’s sort of a self-imposed constraint, a goal that prevents the story from going nowhere.

The thing is, the old tailless is not an isolated work as it first appears. It’s the prequel to the bigger novel project called Sasaki I have been working on for seven years and only by taking materials from this project that I was able to put together a detailed world in such a short time for NaNoWriMo. That does mean that I need to ensure the outcome of the prequel lines up with the opening of the main work.

In Sasaki‘s lore, Kojima Goro is a crippled mob boss who’s supported by Sayaka and works for Daisuke. His primary adversary is, in fact, Heiji.

Well, I got the crippled part down alright; everything else just went with the unspeakable stuff into the swirling fan. Heiji is currently more helpful and Daisuke more adversarial than I would like. Meanwhile, Sayaka has legitimately no good reason to even recognize the familial bond with the boss. In fact, she has all the reasons to make his life miserable in a revenge plot.

Image result for now kiss

I frankly did not consider the background and personality of these characters when establishing their relationships in Sasaki. When allowed to roam free and interact in a sandbox, these characters develop completely different relationships than what I have intended for them.

Oopsy? Who could have guessed my seven-year-old character design would be this bad?

All these new relationships are going to be quite troublesome to reconcile. I’ll do what I can with my god power but if reconciliation seems absolutely impossible, I might have to cut the old tailless off from Sasaki and make them into two separate universes. Or, go over Sasaki with the new relationships, which does seem like a reasonable thing to do as well since the foundation of the current work is proven to be quite shaky (it’ll take a lot of work though, so yikes!).

Plot aside, I’m terrible at writing suspense. Last Thursday, I went ahead and watched Aliens (1986) and was blown away by the masterful suspense writing in the movie. Indeed, I recognized a number of missed opportunities in the old tailless that could have been…milked for more suspense. Without suspense, I can’t hardly call this novel a “thriller”.

Well, I guess that’s what the second draft is for, I’m just trying to drive the plot to the end now. There are five days left in November and I’m only at 30k words. This is as far as I have ever managed but still, a long way to go. Moreover, with all the aforementioned derailings, I imagine I would have to write beyond 50k words if I didn’t want the story to feel rushed.

The current projection indicates I should reach my goal around mid-December. Yes, since meeting the deadline is already impossible, I’m slowing down the releases and trying to fix some of the plot holes before I dig myself a deeper hole than the one I’m already in, plus, catching up on Christmas preparations and such.

That’s all for now. I’ll write a commentary like this every seven posts going forward just to keep the NaNoWriMo spirit going till the end. And for those who’re in the final sprint this week, godspeed to you all!

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