Blog theme update

Happy New Year, everyone. I am sure you have already noticed the site's new theme. Today, I finally made up my mind to bid the old Twenty-fifteen theme I have been using for more than two years farewell. For those who are still unsure which blog they are looking at, here's a copy of the old theme… Continue reading Blog theme update


End-of-year blog update

Dear frequent patrons, As you might have noticed, there have been some changes to the blog's content in recent time and I would like to make a sort of report and keep you up to date on what I'm up to lately. Introducing the Memos The most striking new addition to this blog is "the… Continue reading End-of-year blog update

Windows Phone’s music player error 8007003 fix

Some people are still getting this in 2017 and myself included. There are a few possible causes to this issue. I have narrowed down the list of likely culprits as follow: The song itself can be corrupted. The song can be in the wrong format. There exists a duplicate of the song somewhere in Phone… Continue reading Windows Phone’s music player error 8007003 fix

Project Sekai visual novels bundle

Okay, visual novels; Japanese counterpart of tale-tell games, packed with big eyes, otaku subcultures and typical Japanese fetishes. But wait, don't close this tab yet. Take a look at this new bundle offer from HumbleBundle and Project Sekai. Take a look at the offering on "beat the average" tier. See the one in the middle?… Continue reading Project Sekai visual novels bundle

KeePass for multi-page forms and shared domain accounts

I start using KeePass this week after watching a video on keyloggers from DEFCON and after I was made aware of how powerful AES encryption can be after watching a reverse engineering discussion on Wannacry attack last week by Computerphile. Background asides, as soon as I start using KeePass, I run into two significant drawbacks with browser integration. After… Continue reading KeePass for multi-page forms and shared domain accounts

Camp NaNoWriMo, here we go again

Yes, it's this time of the year. I'm currently in a cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo April, churning out scenes after scenes for yet another attempt at White Destiny. The new release schedule is working out quite well for me and for once I'm looking forward to sharing my writing every week. Thursday can't come fast… Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo, here we go again

Fiction book bundle for $1

BOOK BUNDLE HumbleBundle finally offers the kind of book bundle I would buy. I mean, RPG books are cool. Self-help books and comicbooks are not. And fiction novellas? Hell yes! Of the five books, two books are written in third person and three books are written in first person so they are certainly useful as… Continue reading Fiction book bundle for $1

Learning frenzy at LinkedIn

Want to learn how to become a digital artist? How about a network security expert or an accountant? This week, LinkedIn offers to all its users free access to all content on its Learning site. They offer an extensive collection of online training courses produced by experts in their respective fields from (which was recently… Continue reading Learning frenzy at LinkedIn

The right to disagree

This is an epilogue to: "A letter for your continuous improvement" I was fired. Of course I would be. I had a long discussion with the HR person and we agreed to disagree on our ideals. She perceives values in human interactions and harmony. I perceive values in measurable results and efficiency. While I believe… Continue reading The right to disagree