To Paris, with love

"Ha’lly willy boos! Tonight is Saturday night. Who stays home on Saturday night?” -- Sir Richard. Only dead people stay home on Saturday night. But, the Parisians who go out on Friday the thirteen are also dead... Last Friday, France underwent some of the most horrifying terrorist attacks since 9/11. Groups of extremists simultaneously raided multiple public locations… Continue reading To Paris, with love

Technical aspects of computer visual system

Here's a few technical aspects of computer visual system I wrote two months ago in response to a complaint regarding scroll bars in wiki articles on wide screens. First, we have the sampled image dimension in pixel resolution. Then, we have the physical dimension of the monitor in inches. Finally, we have the all-so-important parameter no one gives… Continue reading Technical aspects of computer visual system

NaNoWriMo July camp is on!

National Novel Writing Month July Camp

Just as the title read, the much anticipated NaNoWriMo Camp has begun. First round of cabin assignment arrived earlier and I'm so excited to see my new cabin mates. Hi to the guys who followed my camper profile's link here. Let's get along together this July. Last year, I was at NaNoWriMo camp July as well. But I was in… Continue reading NaNoWriMo July camp is on!

What makes a leader?

What makes a leader? I'll answer the question with a list of truths about leadership presented by General Manager Mr. Richard Carruth at ON Semiconductor seminar I took part in yesterday. Inspirational talk! You Make a Difference Credibility Is the Foundation of Leadership Values Drive Commitment Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart You Can’t… Continue reading What makes a leader?

Learning as part of hobbies

I learned more about HTML markups from creating forum templates, project-time-and-human management from hosting games, database accounting with VBA and Excel, game design, graphic design, theatrical story telling rules, Medieval history, Nordic lore, Greek mythology, World War II, weapon facts, Meteorology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. and etc. from hobbies than from any teacher. Best of all, as these know-how are spawned from needs, and are put into practice right away, they come easily and tend to stay in mind longer as is the case of learning how to swim.

A date with Ubuntu

A few days ago, I decided to let the trusty, also rusty, yellow-stained Vaio go. Having served me for over three years and a half, the laptop had reached the end of its usefulness as circumstances demand that I have a new system to meet with my new interest: app development. Plus, I had finally had enough with low-ended equipment… Continue reading A date with Ubuntu