The old tailless #17

Almost all dreams, good and bad alike, vanished when one woke up. The few whose bits and pieces one could still retain were usually the most remarkable. Indeed, of the two weeks the boss spent dreaming in minimal consciousness state, only a fragment of the dreams remained when he transited to full consciousness. Past full… Continue reading The old tailless #17

The old tailless #16

The young man in his twenties reached his hand into a dark wooden bowl, picked up a polished black stone between his index and middle finger, and placed the stone on the board. His opponent, an old man half a century his senior, leaned forward a little, examined the board, and he too reached into… Continue reading The old tailless #16

The old tailless #14

He should have been proud; an entourage of eighty-nine students came out to greet him first thing in the morning, with wooden swords and baseball bats to boot. Had it not been for an anonymous tip messaged directly into his phone, the boss would have walked right into a massacre. Amazingly enough, even though Daisuke… Continue reading The old tailless #14

The old tailless #13

On the art of deduction, the famous British author Arthur Conan Doyle once wrote in his masterpiece Sherlock Holmes: When all the impossible have been eliminated, whatever remained, however improbable, must be the truth. The reality, however, was never so black and white. Seeing how his pursuers were not pulling up to him and asking… Continue reading The old tailless #13

The old tailless #12

Of the boss's thirteen first lieutenants, the one that had stood out the most and also had been the second in the boss's line of succession was Ishii. On the merit of seniority, the first lieutenant of Fukuoka—the city in which the clan's head office resided—had been lacking compared to the headquarter chief, who had… Continue reading The old tailless #12

The old tailless #11

The boss's schedule as a teacher consisted of two homeroom sessions and six classes in total. It was a coin toss between an empty classroom and a statue garden. It appeared Daisuke's gang had withdrawn for the day instead of facing him again. Meanwhile, the junior classes under Sayaka's sphere of influence were strangely disciplined.… Continue reading The old tailless #11

The old tailless #10

The contrast between the boss and Mr. Nishimura's homeroom was too jarring; it was frightening. To start off with, all the students in homeroom 10-4 immediately went quiet and straightened their posture when the teacher entered. For the first two minutes after he reached the teacher's desk, these kids stared at him in total silence.… Continue reading The old tailless #10

The old tailless #9

Progress towards subjugating the Koga's branch families had been steadfast and, for the most part, his reputation as the ruthless destroyer of branch families had prevented more bloodshed than his outsider status had caused. And thanks to the Koga clan's own intel network, he was able to connect with some fragments of the Kojima clan… Continue reading The old tailless #9