White Destiny 4: Yours truly or not

The inventor’s face stiffened. His expression was one of utter horror as he screeched: “You want me to go after the count on the back channels he controls? That’s crazy talk! Nobody in their right mind would accept this job. Not even as a ploy to scam you of your advance!” “Is it really that difficult?” she asked. “Difficult?… Continue reading White Destiny 4: Yours truly or not


White Destiny 3: The chance to make a killing

Atop the south-facing stone wall of the Ruby Garden castle, a long and resounding flare of horns brought Leo’s attention to the sixth moon as its passage over the night sky began. In a few more hours, the first Silverflow Council’s daily meeting would begin. The city’s constitutional body, the Silverflow Council, held these daily… Continue reading White Destiny 3: The chance to make a killing

White Destiny 2: Whom the math favors

The night went on and eventually, the dragon’s rampage was over. But, the flame of destruction raged on and it painted the night sky orange. Even the great blue moon was shrouded in a tower of smoke stretching for miles. None of this happening changed the schedule Leo had for that night. He had an… Continue reading White Destiny 2: Whom the math favors

White Destiny 1: She is a pet hydra

Far in the night sky, an enormous dragon breathed fire upon the forest where the witch lived. She recognized this dragon as Fazegaid, the eater of realms and the archbishop’s mightiest summon. Her name was Eliot Gradren Alse Forse. Her profession became a unique title when she earned a seven-hundred-thousand-pris bounty on her head for… Continue reading White Destiny 1: She is a pet hydra

Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season

Welcome to the season of heroes and epic battles! Half of the selections in Spring 2018 season are established franchises; cash cows that are almost guaranteed to be decent at the bare minimum. For the most parts, the cash cows met my expectations with one unfortunate exception: Steins;Gate Zero. One problem with writing a prequel is… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season

Flash fiction: Perfectly calm people

At a certain airport, on a certain day, a woman bumped into someone who was leaving the currency exchange. Before the bearded Arab with a pink headscarf could do anything, the woman raised her voice and said: "Calm down, good sir! You're making this a bigger fuss than it is." "But I'm perfectly calm and… Continue reading Flash fiction: Perfectly calm people

Memo: Deadbeat controller

Not all applications will require a PID controller. Some simpler applications such as conveyor belt and bottle filling in the industry sometimes are just about turning on for x amount of time and then turning off the output. They are called deadbeat controllers, the most primitive of all digital controllers, and they work well for… Continue reading Memo: Deadbeat controller

Memo: Digital PID controller

Digital controllers are more expensive to build in simple applications than analog counterparts but they are universally easier to implement at all scales. Digital controllers are limited by their sampling rates while they are capable of reaching steady state in a finite time and have much greater noise tolerance. Continuing from the last memo concerning analog PID,… Continue reading Memo: Digital PID controller

DIY Memo: Cross-compile ARM on Windows

Just a quick memo for setting up the toolchains for building ARM firmware on Windows platform. Software recommendations First, download and install the following software: A source code editor that supports debugging (Atom, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, etc.) MinGW - http://www.mingw.org/ GNU ARM Toolchain - https://developer.arm.com/open-source/gnu-toolchain/gnu-rm/downloads J-Link Software and Documentation Pack (can be skipped, see below)… Continue reading DIY Memo: Cross-compile ARM on Windows

Memo: Design an analog PID controller

A controller transforms a plant (uncontrolled process) into a controlled system. A controller alters the input signal of the plant in order to correct the output error, which is the difference between the momentary output of the entire system and a reference value. The most popular controller in education and industry is the Proportional-Integral-Derivative controller (PID… Continue reading Memo: Design an analog PID controller