Highlight: Spring 2020 anime season

The release schedules got moved around a lot due to coronavirus outbreak. I'm in the middle of a writing streak atm with many cool plot points for White Destiny planned out so it was a bit annoying to break away from writing. Alas, I have a bit of time this weekend to catch up with… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2020 anime season

Highlight: Winter 2020 anime season

Being in isolation does help with the backlog of all the anime to go through this season. I watched a lot more shows than I originally planned so this review is going to be a bit lengthy. So let's just skip the introduction and get straight to it. OVERVIEW Winter 2020 has been one hell… Continue reading Highlight: Winter 2020 anime season

Highlight: Fall 2019 anime season

Surprise surprise! We're back in business with another seasonal anime review! Now in a brand new format! Fall 2019 marks the end of this review's one-year hiatus. Indeed, it's been a good long year to catch up on a few old shows I have never gotten the chance to watch; namely the original Ginga Eiyuu… Continue reading Highlight: Fall 2019 anime season

Highlight: Fall 2018 anime season

Fall 2018 ended two months ago, yet it is only till this week that I can find time to write a review for it. Thankfully, I have already written the seasonal selection since the end of the season, and therefore I didn't have to do much soul-searching my rusty memories for the best shows to… Continue reading Highlight: Fall 2018 anime season

Highlight: Summer 2018 anime season

My head is still spinning from all the time travel shenanigans this season. There aren't enough good titles to pick up this season; and to be frank, I could hardly find time to follow more than a handful anyway. Shingeki no Kyojin seems to be a lot milder these days and I'm inclined to think this… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2018 anime season

Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season

Welcome to the season of heroes and epic battles! Half of the selections in Spring 2018 season are established franchises; cash cows that are almost guaranteed to be decent at the bare minimum. For the most parts, the cash cows met my expectations with one unfortunate exception: Steins;Gate Zero. One problem with writing a prequel is… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season

Highlight: Winter 2018 anime season

The main hype this season revolves around Madhouse studio and their second season shows. For a long, long time, it has become an established fact in the industry that Madhouse, as talented as they are, never get around to make a second season of anything. And yet, here we are, beholding this historic moment when… Continue reading Highlight: Winter 2018 anime season

Highlight: Fall 2017 anime season

Despite the hypes around Mahoutsukai no Yome, the show ultimately falls short. It did great in world building, audio-visual quality, and character development. However, it lacks suspension; it lacks a dilemma to overcome, an antagonist to defeat, or a MacGuffin to desire. The only villain appeared in the show thus far has been as flat as… Continue reading Highlight: Fall 2017 anime season

Highlight: Summer 2017 anime season

It's been a long summer indeed. Much to my dismay (or pleasure), I have the longest and most well-rounded selection ever this season. The new Owarimonogatari anime looks great as always though too many spoilers from the novel ruined it for me. On the list of things that were "ruined by spoilers," this season were… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2017 anime season

Highlight: Spring 2017 anime season

Two years of blogging seasonal reviews and I have yet to see any anime season as powerful as this season. Three shows made it to the top for their successful delivery of one awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping moment. It is always delightful to watch the story slowly building up to that decisive moment and to see the… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2017 anime season