Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season

Welcome to the season of heroes and epic battles! Half of the selections in Spring 2018 season are established franchises; cash cows that are almost guaranteed to be decent at the bare minimum. For the most parts, the cash cows met my expectations with one unfortunate exception:┬áSteins;Gate Zero. One problem with writing a prequel is… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2018 anime season


Highlight: Spring 2016 anime season

Let's not talk about Camp NaNoWriMo in every seasonal review, okay? Oops, did I just...never mind! The majority of shows this season are decent. Among those "decent" ratings, some fell short of their potential while others exceeded it. Kumamiko had a strong lead almost the entire season. I was expecting it to be highlighted but… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2016 anime season