Table story: A frog’s treasure

Awhile back I was in a one-shot 5e game on roll20 in which we could create level 20 characters with two legendary items to raid a big bad boss in a Colosseum-style arena. Twenty brave souls signed up for the challenge and we began making our character sheets. About two hours in, it became painfully… Continue reading Table story: A frog’s treasure

White Destiny #12 (Rev 4)

Katherine did ponder in silence for a long time. She was given the captain's arm guard and the reins of the princess's horse and the instruction to retreat.┬áThe answer, "Yes, Your Highness", could not have come any later. The street of Ironheart was desolated. Not just in Rosenberg district but everywhere in the city. The… Continue reading White Destiny #12 (Rev 4)