DIY Memo: ESP8266 v12 analog I/O

This is an amendment to the previous ESP8266v7 memo. More specifically, the I/O pins don't behave exactly as described by internet sources. A little bit of background: I was presented with a challenge to read from an analog sensor and send the reading through wifi network to the cloud. This can be accomplished easily using… Continue reading DIY Memo: ESP8266 v12 analog I/O


DIY Memo: ESP8266 v1 hookup

Tonight marks the third time I forgot how to hook up this wifi module already, I might as well leave a memo here for my forgetful future self. This is the hookup instruction for ESP8266 v1 using CP2012 and Tera Term software Things to know: 3.3 VDC source RX and TX can accept 5V logic level without problems (so… Continue reading DIY Memo: ESP8266 v1 hookup