White Destiny 19: Let the swamp giant eat us

During lunar daylight, the moon would shine so bright in the heaven that the earth would light up as though in sunlight. Dwellers of the Dark Forest, however, had never observed such phenomena. Indeed, once stepped beyond the first few rows of trees, Katherine and Steve could see why the place was named this way.… Continue reading White Destiny 19: Let the swamp giant eat us

White Destiny 18: Not all choices manifest

Katherine and Steve were sitting at the bottom of the river Sane when the dragon’s jaw scooped up water, narrowly missing Steve’s leg by the skin of his teeth. Neither of them wanted to leave without the inventor but after such a close shave with the literal jaw of death, they had no choice but… Continue reading White Destiny 18: Not all choices manifest

White Destiny 17: But I can still fight

The winds roared and the clouds crackled. Amid the overflowing currents crashing into riverside boulders, a valiant redhead swam above it all as countless debris rained down around her."Leo!" Katherine shouted into the raging waves.There was no answer."For the love of Tenrid..." she murmured.She tried to remove her iron plates, which had been enchanted to… Continue reading White Destiny 17: But I can still fight

A visual novel adaptation

It's been a long time coming, yes. I'm sure by now not a single soul in this world isn't aware of the situation that has befallen upon us and I'm sure one would expect a lot of blog posts and updates from me while I'm in lockdown. Rest assured, I'm not infected or anything (I… Continue reading A visual novel adaptation

White Destiny 16: The eater of realms

Powerful gusts toppled the fences and flattened the grass. Each flap of the dragon’s massive wings sent tidal waves across the river behind the workshop. The front door creaked and trembled, yet it held firm to its frame. Nonetheless, the thatch roof had begun folding inward as if it could collapse upon the wretched souls… Continue reading White Destiny 16: The eater of realms

White Destiny 15: Cruel but fair

Leo found the knight deep in prayers when he exited the workshop. As the inventor strolled through an overgrown and poorly maintained pebble path, his eyes were drawn to the spectacle in the sky. After a long sigh, he shifted his gaze downward and settled on a lumber log by the campfire. He greeted the… Continue reading White Destiny 15: Cruel but fair

White Destiny 14: To hell for sure

The witch craved a good story like a drowning man craved air. And she craved, even more, a good scandalous story, especially the one that could ruin someone's life. Thus, she was eager to hear everything. She reveled in anticipation of the one scandal that would keep the Silverflow heiress off her backside for good.… Continue reading White Destiny 14: To hell for sure

White Destiny 13: A daughter this old

The work table had somehow returned to its rightful place as the room's centerpiece without being noticed. From it, a clash between lubricant oil and lavender incense took place. On it, a black cat purred lazily while sneezing into the sketches underneath. Above it, two rare creatures never shared the same habitat locked eyes. And… Continue reading White Destiny 13: A daughter this old

White Destiny 12: Corpse in the river

Katherine sat on the wagon bench next to Leo. She had the reins and a canteen of mead within arm's reach. She was still in ironclad, even in broad daylight, but she no longer brandished a spear like she had done the night before. Her sharp eyes continually scouted ahead through the narrow slits of… Continue reading White Destiny 12: Corpse in the river

White Destiny 11: Worse than a swamp giant

In the air was the sizzling of blue steel in the white water, the crackles of red flame on dark charcoals, and the rumble of hammer hoisted above the ironsmith’s chestnut hair. Orange sparks flew every time the hammer struck the hot iron on a black anvil. It had been half a moon since the… Continue reading White Destiny 11: Worse than a swamp giant