White Destiny #10 (Rev 4)

Alexander D’Amore was a troublemaker and a murderer. Those who crossed him, if lucky, would be found in one of the mass graves outside Ironheart. And yet, he was never found guilty of such crimes; a combination of corruption, fear, and confusion kept him far from the chopping stone. The only crimes he had been… Continue reading White Destiny #10 (Rev 4)

White Destiny #9 (Rev 4)

CHAPTER 3: DEATH IS IN A PIPE; Alexander D’Amore was the first to be chosen as a suitor of Princess Lilia. Leonardo de Price was the second suitor. The third likely candidate, according to Sir Richard’s speculation, was Father Graham. The heiresses of Silverflow traditionally choose one candidate from each faction in the council. In the… Continue reading White Destiny #9 (Rev 4)

News from Ashlora – May/2017

Welcome, welcome our 50th follower, DouglasWTSmith! I've just finished updating all published scenes to the latest version. There are quite a number of changes in dialogues, word usage and other minor details. Rest assure, these are only quality of life changes and there's no need to re-read these scenes going forwards (albeit if anyone do go… Continue reading News from Ashlora – May/2017

White Destiny #7 (Rev 4)

All Silverflow masters were given a key to their respective “quarter” at the Academy. The city vowed to provide its masters with the best equipment, the finest materials and any financial assistance they desired to advance their study. And these quarters were the culmination of the city’s providence. Most masters would hole up in their… Continue reading White Destiny #7 (Rev 4)

White Destiny #5 (Rev 4)

CHAPTER 2: THE FROG CAN'T FLY; A few buildings down the same flint pavement of Steve’s forge situated a bakery famous for the cheapest white bread in town. This would be his last stop before he returned to the workshop beyond the city’s wall. He and Steve had planned to visit Brown’s Boulder tavern this… Continue reading White Destiny #5 (Rev 4)

White Destiny #4 (Rev 4)

Sometime after the council meeting, Leo found himself occupying the carpentry table at Steve’s. In the air was the sizzling of blue steel in white water, the crackles of red flame on dark charcoals, and the rumble of hammer hoisted above the chestnut hair on black anvil. The building was crazy hot. Wood splinters dug… Continue reading White Destiny #4 (Rev 4)

White Destiny #3 (Rev 4)

Steve the ironsmith was sleeping at his desk in the Hall of Enlightenment. His hairy arm dangled on the red oak desk. Even though everyone in the Silverflow council knew the only kind of vote he would cast was “I abstain”, the meeting could not start on without his participation. So, instead, they started a… Continue reading White Destiny #3 (Rev 4)

White Destiny #2 (Rev 4)

The wagon carrying Leo stopped at the marketplace. In front of him an obsidian pillar stood in the central square where the market streets converged. The polished jet-black beauty absorbed his conscious mind in manners no word could describe. A horn flared from atop the south-facing stone wall of the Ruby Garden castle, bringing his… Continue reading White Destiny #2 (Rev 4)