Flash fiction: Bureau of Agriculture

A farmer spent his entire life growing wheat on an endlessly vast farm. Every season, he milled and stored a portion of his harvest in an underground vault carved out of the permafrost on the side of a mountain. But as he grew older, it became apparent that he could no longer climb the mountain… Continue reading Flash fiction: Bureau of Agriculture

Christmas special: Two hundred thousand years

For hours, perhaps days, he had been gazing at the stars. He was all alone as he had always been for the past terrestrial year. A long, long year it had been; longer and lonelier than any he, whose own name he could not remember, could remember. Four hundred and ninety-four thousand, three hundred and… Continue reading Christmas special: Two hundred thousand years

Flash fiction: There were better days

Atop the sink and beneath the mirror sat a white plastic comb that had the emblem of a hostel in Strasbourg. They took a long-distance coach to see the famous Christmas market there for cheap. He remembered her paying the premium for the┬álast-minute train tickets home, all in order to avoid long hours of motion… Continue reading Flash fiction: There were better days

Flash fiction: Never said you are…

Following a tip online, the slender Asian boy found himself at a hidden net cafe in the back of an innocuous antique store. There, he met his contact and was mildly disappointed to see a man instead of a woman. That made the both of them, two dudes offline running female profiles online. After a… Continue reading Flash fiction: Never said you are…

Flash fiction: Transactions are final

A short Asian girl with a black blazer and white miniskirt brought her grocery on the checkout's conveyor belt. An old Chinese woman behind the counter said something in Cantonese but the girl appeared dumbfounded. "Chinese? No?" the woman asked in English. The girl shook her head. "Japanese", she answered. The woman nodded and began… Continue reading Flash fiction: Transactions are final

Flash fiction: Perfectly calm people

At a certain airport, on a certain day, a woman bumped into someone who was leaving the currency exchange. Before the bearded Arab with a pink headscarf could do anything, the woman raised her voice and said: "Calm down, good sir! You're making this a bigger fuss than it is." "But I'm perfectly calm and… Continue reading Flash fiction: Perfectly calm people