Short story: Battery, Potato, Pocketwatch

The tribesmen heard from the radio that a humanitarian group had breached the bulwark and smuggled trucks of supplies into the rebel-controlled territories. It took them weeks to establish contact with the group and proved themselves that they were no rebels seeking to steal the supplies meant for war relief. The point of contact was… Continue reading Short story: Battery, Potato, Pocketwatch

Short story: Sprinkler, Bicycle, Nose

Two predators were chasing after one prey. The first was sitting on top of a suburban train running at top speed, with a loaded pistol in his grip. Somewhere among the skyscrapers within three kilometers radius from the first predator, the second predator–a long-range sniper–was also lying in ambush. Their prey, an unidentified mercenary, had… Continue reading Short story: Sprinkler, Bicycle, Nose