Highlight: Summer 2017 anime season

It's been a long summer indeed. Much to my dismay (or pleasure), I have the longest and most well-rounded selection ever this season. The new Owarimonogatari anime looks great as always though too many spoilers from the novel ruined it for me. On the list of things that were "ruined by spoilers," this season were… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2017 anime season

Highlight: Summer 2016 anime season

Oh I felt cheated alright. I felt the dire lack of witch show this season and the nauseous Re-something naming trend. In the case of Rewrite, it was a huge train-wreck expected. I have yet to hear any decent novel from Key¬†since Little Busters! (last time I heard, even the novel adaptation of Angel Beats!… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2016 anime season