Stand tall, our venerable Lady Paris

Yesterday, the grand cathedral Notre Dame de Paris was caught on fire. The fire caused extensive damage to the 850-year-old cathedral, collapsing its tallest spire and destroying parts of the 200-year-old roof. Damage to the relics and historical artifacts inside is still being assessed. This catastrophe is nothing short of a tragedy for France, Europe,… Continue reading Stand tall, our venerable Lady Paris

Short story: Mademoiselle

A young Asian girl weaved through the crowd of European giants down the long staircase in a metro station near the terminal's exit. Sections of the metro tunnel were turned into colorful murals. Round the corners, at junctions splitting the path to different platforms, a street musician was playing a jazzy tune. It was the time… Continue reading Short story: Mademoiselle

To Paris, with love

"Ha’lly willy boos! Tonight is Saturday night. Who stays home on Saturday night?” -- Sir Richard. Only dead people stay home on Saturday night. But, the Parisians who go out on Friday the thirteen are also dead... Last Friday, France underwent some of the most horrifying terrorist attacks since 9/11. Groups of extremists simultaneously raided multiple public locations… Continue reading To Paris, with love