DIY Memo: Cross-compile ARM on Windows

Just a quick memo for setting up the toolchains for building ARM firmware on Windows platform. Software recommendations First, download and install the following software: A source code editor that supports debugging (Atom, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, etc.) MinGW - GNU ARM Toolchain - J-Link Software and Documentation Pack (can be skipped, see below)… Continue reading DIY Memo: Cross-compile ARM on Windows


Deploy a Nodejs app to Microsoft Azure

This tutorial is provided as a newbie-friendly version of the official document provided by Microsoft. If you prefer the formal technical writing style (no first or second person pronouns, etc.), please refer to the the original tutorial here: Unlike MS tutorial, I'll be using Expressjs's bare-bone Hello World app without view engine and using more… Continue reading Deploy a Nodejs app to Microsoft Azure

To my Scrum Master: A letter for your continuous improvement

I question neither the manifesto nor the methodologies of Agile, I have certainly benefited from your class and I don't intend to disregard of your teachings. Nevertheless, I'm not comfortable with the arguments you provided when I pointed out the flaws in your hand-on exercises. And when you pulled that "Appeal to Authority" fallacy card… Continue reading To my Scrum Master: A letter for your continuous improvement

Concurrent and continuous asynchronous WebClient requests in Windows Phone

Since the third week of April NaNoWriMo Camp, during which I disgracefully failed to reach half of my original word count yet another time, I have been wasting my time on the long overdue interest in ASP.NET web design and, in a tad bit of nostalgia, in Windows Phone app development. It's all about the cloud and web… Continue reading Concurrent and continuous asynchronous WebClient requests in Windows Phone

Excel spreadsheet for Game Masters

In this blog post, I'll introduce the Excel spreadsheet I created for my latest Assassin Game: Chocolate of Vile. I designed Chocolate of Vile game module with flexibility in mind. So I ditched the Mastersheet template (by Geoff@mangafox) I had always been using and wrote a new one from the ground up to please the perfectionist inside… Continue reading Excel spreadsheet for Game Masters

Excel macro: File renamer

A few months ago, the boss at my mom's workplace tasked her team with renaming the generically-named files from the scanner. It was a no-brainer except that there were thousands of those contract scans and they had 2 weeks to complete the task. When she came home lamenting how inefficient a few members of her… Continue reading Excel macro: File renamer

Loading XAML visual elements in runtime and late binding

IMPORTANT! The content below is a documentation of a Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight app. If you are using other platforms, some resources used here might not be available. Refer to MSDN for the equivalent resources in your platform One of the projects I'm working on at the moment is a software solution that enables smartphones… Continue reading Loading XAML visual elements in runtime and late binding

Learning as part of hobbies

I learned more about HTML markups from creating forum templates, project-time-and-human management from hosting games, database accounting with VBA and Excel, game design, graphic design, theatrical story telling rules, Medieval history, Nordic lore, Greek mythology, World War II, weapon facts, Meteorology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. and etc. from hobbies than from any teacher. Best of all, as these know-how are spawned from needs, and are put into practice right away, they come easily and tend to stay in mind longer as is the case of learning how to swim.

A date with Ubuntu

A few days ago, I decided to let the trusty, also rusty, yellow-stained Vaio go. Having served me for over three years and a half, the laptop had reached the end of its usefulness as circumstances demand that I have a new system to meet with my new interest: app development. Plus, I had finally had enough with low-ended equipment… Continue reading A date with Ubuntu