White Destiny 16: The eater of realms

Powerful gusts toppled the fences and flattened the grass. Each flap of the dragon’s massive wings sent tidal waves across the river behind the workshop. The front door creaked and trembled, yet it held firm to its frame. Nonetheless, the thatch roof had begun folding inward as if it could collapse upon the wretched souls… Continue reading White Destiny 16: The eater of realms

White Destiny 15: Cruel but fair

Leo found the knight deep in prayers when he exited the workshop. As the inventor strolled through an overgrown and poorly maintained pebble path, his eyes were drawn to the spectacle in the sky. After a long sigh, he shifted his gaze downward and settled on a lumber log by the campfire. He greeted the… Continue reading White Destiny 15: Cruel but fair

White Destiny 14: To hell for sure

The witch craved a good story like a drowning man craved air. And she craved, even more, a good scandalous story, especially the one that could ruin someone's life. Thus, she was eager to hear everything. She reveled in anticipation of the one scandal that would keep the Silverflow heiress off her backside for good.… Continue reading White Destiny 14: To hell for sure

White Destiny 13: A daughter this old

The work table had somehow returned to its rightful place as the room's centerpiece without being noticed. From it, a clash between lubricant oil and lavender incense took place. On it, a black cat purred lazily while sneezing into the sketches underneath. Above it, two rare creatures never shared the same habitat locked eyes. And… Continue reading White Destiny 13: A daughter this old

White Destiny 12: Corpse in the river

Katherine sat on the wagon bench next to Leo. She had the reins and a canteen of mead within arm's reach. She was still in ironclad, even in broad daylight, but she no longer brandished a spear like she had done the night before. Her sharp eyes continually scouted ahead through the narrow slits of… Continue reading White Destiny 12: Corpse in the river

White Destiny 11: Worse than a swamp giant

In the air was the sizzling of blue steel in the white water, the crackles of red flame on dark charcoals, and the rumble of hammer hoisted above the ironsmith’s chestnut hair. Orange sparks flew every time the hammer struck the hot iron on a black anvil. It had been half a moon since the… Continue reading White Destiny 11: Worse than a swamp giant

White Destiny 10: Picnic to a dragon’s lair

After a brief recess, the Council reconvened to cast their votes on three proposals that tackled the imminent dust fall. The agriculturist's idea to build shelters and greenhouses was the first to be considered. The motion was passed almost unanimously with a single abstain from the ironsmith. According to the initial plan drafted by the… Continue reading White Destiny 10: Picnic to a dragon’s lair

White Destiny 9: More teeth than I

The bishop started his proposal by pointing out the passiveness in the agriculturist’s plan. Whether it was a shelter above ground or underground; the fact remained that Ironheart’s way of life would never be the same. Therefore, he proposed a bold plan to persuade Fazegaid—the dragon that set the Dark Forest ablaze and caused the… Continue reading White Destiny 9: More teeth than I

White Destiny 8: Grow you a meadow

The first councilor to present an idea was Granny Annabel. The agriculturist took inspiration from the greenhouse that came with her master title and proposed that a glass roof should be constructed over the entirety of Ironheart. The walls could serve as the base. The furnaces used in tampered steel production and some kilns in… Continue reading White Destiny 8: Grow you a meadow

White Destiny 7: A sin far too great

It was for the longest time the central platform had been vacated. Fifteen councilors in the Hall of Guidance, a vast hemispherical hall whose floor was made entirely from polished obsidian, and yet none volunteered to be on that stage at the moment. The baron had slumped into his throne and begun drumming his fingers… Continue reading White Destiny 7: A sin far too great