Project Sekai visual novels bundle

Okay, visual novels; Japanese counterpart of tale-tell games, packed with big eyes, otaku subcultures and typical Japanese fetishes. But wait, don't close this tab yet. Take a look at this new bundle offer from HumbleBundle and Project Sekai. Take a look at the offering on "beat the average" tier. See the one in the middle?… Continue reading Project Sekai visual novels bundle


Highlight: Summer 2015 anime season

After the last fantastic Spring season, the selection this Summer is rather underwhelming. I heard there are some really good series that unfortunately didn't make it to my watchlist. So, in order to set the scope of this review, I'll write a bit about my picks this Summer at the end. But first, I'll go through the highlight: Akagami no Shiraiyuki-hime… Continue reading Highlight: Summer 2015 anime season

Highlight: Spring 2015 anime season

It's hard to pick between the top two contenders (Spoilers! Header photos) of Spring 2015 season. When the season was first announced, eyes were on the ufotable's remade of the all-time hyper Fate/Stay Night series. Many titles had been well-established in this season so fans knew exactly what to expect from these franchises from the… Continue reading Highlight: Spring 2015 anime season

Highlight: Winter 2015 anime season

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Winter 2015 anime season arrived on a low note. Expectations weren't that great in the beginning; a few series exceeded my expectations in the end while others were the downright disappointing. No so-so, half-baked, instant-noodle-tier production here, luckily. In total, I followed four airing anime and caught up on two series. Most of them were… Continue reading Highlight: Winter 2015 anime season